Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Post-op checkup

Today was my post-op checkup. A week ago or so, I decided I would only go downstairs to go to the doctor. I would have to go to the doctor about 5 times before viability (to peri and obgyn).
Yesterday, in reading responses from some people on the incompetent cervix forum, I decided I would not do stairs until viability. I would spend my time downstairs and go take a shower once a week at my father in laws. So I decided 'no stairs until viability'.
Well today I go to the doctor and their elevator is broken...what bad luck. It's only on the 2nd floor, but we debated what we should do. Had we gotten there 30 minutes later, I think the elevator was working by then. I decided to go up the stairs backwards to make my appt. It was quite a few amount of stairs. The elevator was fixed by the time we left.
I tell the nurse my symptoms since the cerclage. She writes a few stuff down, not everything. Then an u/s tech comes in and asks my DH and I if we would like to know the sex of the baby. We said 'yes'. Well, she is looking at the cervical length and measured it at 2.3cm. That got me very concerned. She then said the baby is a 'boy'. DH was shocked as he thought it was a girl. She even took a picture for us of the boy parts. :) Baby's heartrate was 158 bpm, I believe. She told me I was having braxton hicks contractions at the time of the u/s and some uterine contractions. That concerns me too, but my peri said it is fine.
Well, she doesn't measure the baby and she said the peri will come in later. We wait for him and I just keep telling DH that 2.3 is NOT GOOD especially w/a cerclage. I had 2.5mm around this time last time, but did not have a cerclage. I was so scared, but trying to remain calm. I was thinking maybe my length was shorter due to the stairs or maybe the contractions. I made sure my bladder was empty, so the cervical length was accurate. My peri's office only does abdominal scan - unless they can't get a good reading. I've read online that transvaginal scans are much better for measuring cervical length. Also girls on the forums say this too...
Peri comes in and asks how things are going. I just said 'i'm worried about my length'. He went on the u/s machine and measured my cervix. He measured it at 3.6 or 3.7 cm - much better. He measured it twice. He said my cervix has a kink in it, so maybe she didn't measure it correctly. He showed me where the stitch is.
I ask him 'when am I out of the danger zone for infection?'. He says '11 days ago'. He has all the *right* answers, it is so hard to trust him, but I have no choice.
DH and I asked about the day of the surgery when he said my cervix was open already. He said it was open from the bottom (external os), not the internal os (top) as it was last time. He said it is worse when the top is opening.
I'm trying to write this down here for myself mainly so I can remember what we asked him.
I told him I am taking it easy for the next 10 weeks. He said he does not recommend bed rest in fact he said this 'you could get a blood clot in the leg that goes to your heart and your baby will not have a mommy'. Gee, thanks.
He said 'you can do anything now' except waterskiing and skiing and trampolines. His lecture convinced my DH that I can do almost anything, but my DH says he trusts me to do what I think and feel comfortable with.
I'm also not going to take a shower daily as other girls online don't do that either.
I want to believe my peri - he said bedrest doesn't help. I told him 'well, my cervix opened last time at 13 weeks and I had been walking 5K races and doing a lot and this time it opened anyway at 12 weeks 4 days and I was doing as little as possible in the first tri'. He said he agreed. He is so confident about the cerclage. He said 'you are fine - now that you have the cerclage you are good! you can do anything! you will have a screaming baby next year'. I said 'thanks to you'. Nothing seemed to concern him, but like I have stated previously - he thinks everyone is going to be ok.
DH asked about preterm labor and he said i'm no more at risk for getting that than any *normal* person - 1 in 8. A lot of girls online do p17 (progesterone) shots for calming the uterus. My peri doesn't believe in these, so I'm not on those.

Peri said that cervical length doesn't matter anyway. If any girls from the IC forum are reading this, they will scream! He says 'even if it was 2.3cm, it doesn't mean anything'. He said the most important thing is that the cervix is closed. He said length doesn't matter-as long as I have the cerclage. He said length isn't accurate before a certain time anyway. From what I read cervical length does go up and down, but bedrest seems to help a lot of people. From what I read, cervical length seems to go down the bigger the baby gets. This makes me nervous - if it really was 2.3cm.

I may do the stairs tomorrow and stay upstairs for another week before my next appt. I'm not going to be on bedrest for the next 10 weeks, but I'm remaining at home as much as possible. My friend had a transabdominal cerclage and she was on bedrest for 5 months. (and those hold up a lot better than the transvaginal cerclage). She suggested I only do stairs to see the dr. She said she didn't do stairs at all.

I told my mom about the sex of the baby. She is happy for us. I figured if something happened, I would rather my immediate family know the sex. I never wanted to be the person to find out, but I'm glad I found out this way. My DH wanted to know.

Please keep me in your prayers.


Ariella said...

You in my prayers. It doesn't sound like he was very helpful today. Is there a reason, since it doesn't seem to me like you trust him, that you are still going to him?

Monica H said...

Wow, a lot has been going on with you today.

I would be worried too. The last thing we want is for our cervix to give out and have a baby too early. I think size does matter- cervical size that is. Even if everything is fine we are still going to worry- it's in our blood.

Stairs? No stairs? Bath? No Bath? Walking? Running? Jumping on the trampoline? Do what you need to do- you know yourself and your body better than peri does.

You are definitely in my prayers.

Busted said...

Thinking of you - take it as easy as you think you need to. I often think doctors poo poo a lot of our concerns.

Could you email me on the background of the reason not to do stairs? This is a big concern of mine - we live on the third floor and I can't help but think that contributed to our loss, and I'm terrified about a subsequent pregnancy. We're trying to move but so far no luck.

amy said...

just curious... are you in austin and is your peri dr. berry?