Thursday, July 17, 2008

Baby on Lock Down - Cerclage Story

On the way to the surgery center - not a hospital, my DH was saying we may not need the cerclage but it is better to have it then to not.
Well, if there is any doubt that I have an incompetent cervix, there is doubt no more. My peri said (and this was after surgery, so I wasn't quite coherent) that my cervix was already opening from the top. He didn't sound worried about it. I'll have to talk to him about it at my follow up visit in 2 weeks. I read all the time that people think changes to the cervix can't happen before 13 weeks. They are wrong. Last time I was 13 weeks exactly when my cervix was funneling (baby was measuring ahead last time). This time I was gestionally 12 weeks 4 days - probably measuring ahead - probably 13 weeks and it was opening again. And I have done NOTHING but lay around most of the day - very miminal walking to go to the bathroom.

We got to the surgery center around 1030am for my 1230pm surgery. Not eating after midnight was killer especially with a baby in there who is hungry.
I got dressed. The anestiosiologist came to talk with me and told me the sedation that they use will not hurt the baby. My peri calls it general anethesia, but it is just heavy sedation through an IV. I think I was sedated 5-10 minutes or less than 5 minutes.

Peri came to talk to me before the surgery. I asked to see the u/s before I was put under. Peri said they do an u/s before and after. He said I would be out by the 2nd u/s. Baby's h/b was the same before and after the surgery. Baby was moving around before the surgery.

I think we started the surgery at 1230pm as my peri arrived later. DH says I was in the operating room a total of 5 minutes - he read 2 pages. He was reading a technical book - with huge pages. That 5 minutes I wasn't asleep as I got to see the u/s before I was put under.

Peri said the surgery was successful. I asked him quite a few questions as they don't have post-opp written instructions. I can't remember a lot of what I asked him, but DH was there to hear things. They gave me cranberry juice. I went to the bathroom before I left and I had some red streaks of discharge. They told me that was normal. We left the surgery center at 2ish. I was not hungry at all. Anethesia can do that to you. I also threw up on the car ride home. That happened last year as well during surgery I had where I had anethesia. Before surgery, they wanted to give me anti-nausea medicine, but I told them I wanted to minimize what the baby was exposed to.

I came home and was in pain most of the afternoon/evening. I didn't take my pain meds. I had abdominal cramping, which they told me was normal. I felt really out of it. I had cramping all night, which made it hard to sleep. I slept downstairs the first night. I came upstairs late yesterday.

I had spotting that day and the next day I had pink spotting and quite a bit stretchy/mucus pink discharge (sorry for TMI). I had some diarrhea which can happen with antibiotics. That is when I had the stretchy pink discharge. I called my peri's office and they said it was normal. Spotting can occur for weeks, but it is so scary especially when you are pregnant - even if you know it is coming. Today, very little spotting. Most of what I have had - is only when wiping - not bleeding onto the pad - except for right after surgery.

Thanks for the prayers! I appreciate them - keep them coming! I'm hoping this stitch will hold up until viability. My next milestone is to make it these 2 weeks and hope there is no infection. I am concerned w/infection if I got it when my cervix was opening.

So far so good....


Monica H said...

I am so glad to hear that everything went well. This brings back a lot of memories that I had pushed back of when I had my cerclage. I remember it brning when I got up to pee for hte first time. And my hips ached so badly, from being opened up so much. Tylenol helped so m uch more than any other pain meds I took.

I'll continue to pray for no infections and viability. I can't believe how much you've progressed so far.

We went to the cemetery today and saw T. WE said hello to him for you :-)


JGirl2005 said...

Thanks, Monica!
I was back working from home today, but taking it very easy.

Ariella said...

I am so gald it went well. LOTS of prayers the the clerge holds.