Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy June!

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile...I promise more posts. Things are hectic. We have been house hunting and that is so exhausting. We probably won't move - we love our backyard and our neighbors, but you never know. We have been looking casually for more than a year, but have been more serious about it lately. We spend a lot of our weekends going to look at houses. I'm tired!

Congrats to Schmoodle who had her baby! Toodle is here safely! Her blog is linked on the left - Busted Baby Maker. I'm so glad Toodle made it here safely and everything is well! Schmoodle lost her precious Doodles last year due to placental abruption. Welcome to the world precious Toodle!

Prayers for Million$$Baby - her blog is here:

Last week her water broke on one of her triplets. (the boy) She is still doing great and is past 25wks. Babies stay in! She needs our prayers for continued baking of her triplets.

Also, on a non-IF note, yea US soccer for beating Spain yesterday! I loved how espn put 'US shocks the world'! I love when we do that. I'm not always watching soccer, but I do like to watch the world cup. I like to watch soccer. I also like to watch golf too. My favorite sport to watch is basketball though. Spain was the number 1 team who hadn't had a loss since 2006, I believe. Go USA! It means we will be at the finals on Sunday playing against Brasil of course. It isn't the world cup, but it is pretty cool that they are going to the finals for the conf.ederation cup. I love one of my coworkers who lives in France - he says 'do americans watch football?'. I think Europ.eans think we don't watch at all. A lot of my coworkers (that live in the US) watch soccer/football.

Next post: After much doctor bashing, I will talk about a doctor who *gets* infertility.