Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My favorite TV shows

Ok, not sure why this is important, but I wanted to write down the shows that I watch as the new season approaches. It is something to focus on. What are your favorite shows - still showing or not?

I watch and I love:
*Dexter - love the writing
*Weeds - gone downhill but still interesting to me
*Terminator - I love the terminator movies.
*Brothers and Sisters - I love how they have dealt with infertility, pregnancy loss, and adoption
*How I met your mother

Other things that I watch, but it's ok if I miss an episode:

*Desperate Housewives
*Dancing with the Stars
*Millionaire & Jeopardy- when I am bored during the day
*The Doctors - I started watching this - some of the stuff on there I don't care for.

Things I like to watch, but don't always get to: (not just TV)
*Old movies
*60s movies my mom made me watch - Elvis or Beach movies
*Old Twilight Zone episodes - LOVE THEM! I watched some of the newer ones that they are showing again. One seriously disturbed me...
*Scary movies - love zombie movies

What about you? I watch a lot of tv lately -not good - but such is my life. I am sure I missed some shows that I watch.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Good news!

I had an ordinary obgyn appt today. No u/s, so just hoping my CL is good. I told my dr. that I feel growing pains down low, but he said this is normal growing pains and some people have more pain down low with a cerclage. I asked him if I could feel if my cervical length was shrinking and he said probably not. He said that spotting/bleeding is a good indicator of cervical change. As long as I don't have that, he isn't concerned. Thank God for that!

Ok, so for the good news...my obgyn surprised me that he is moving to a new facility. It's closer to my house! Yea! But that isn't the best part...the hospital he will be delivering babies is also near my house and very nice. Also they have a new Labor & Delivery area opening in November at this hospital. He said it will be the best place in my city to deliver a baby. It's not a catholic hospital like my last one, but that is ok. I liked my last hospital as the facilities were nice and people were very compassionate. But change is good as we didn't have a good outcome at the last hospital.
I've been to that hospital before visitng a friend who had a baby and my FIL who was there. I would say it is about 2 miles away - so close. And...it will have a great NICU -hopefully I won't need that, but it is good to know it will be there.
I'm excited for a change.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Stuck in high school...

I called my grandmother yesterday to tell her that I was pregnant and one of my aunts. My grandmother is in her 90s and when I first started talking to her she said 'I was thinking about you yesterday that you are pregnant'. I told her that I am pregnant. It's kinda weird she thought that, but I think someone might have told her but her brain is getting old now. Who knows?
It is very difficult to call her because she cries a lot when I call. I think it is half tears of joy though. I don't call her that often because honestly it is difficult to endure a phone call where someone is constantly crying on the other end. I started crying of course and it isn't something I want to do too much when I'm pregnant. I was dreading the call, but glad it was short and she was happy that I called. She is not a very nice MIL to my mother. Her son is perfect - everything that could be attributed to him - the blame is placed on my mom. We have a weird relationship. I'm apparently her favorite as I look like her son and her husband who passed away. But I don't always feel the love from her...I do love her though.
She is so 'old school'. I hate it when people don't know they are saying stuff that is mean, but it is. She always tells me (like every time I call her for one year now and even yesterday) 'that's good you are pregnant, people should always have 1-2 children, but no more and no less'. Of course, after I lost my son, these words didn't provide me hope. I let her pass with her comments as she is old and she doesn't know how to be PC. Her sister had one child and had a lot of difficult even getting pregnant. Her other sister never had children.

We told one of our friends yesterday who had kinda lost touch with us for about a year. It is DH's friends and he just kinda wasn't happy with them so he cut communication w/them (but they also didn't communicate much w/us). They called yesterday to tell us they wanted to visit and show us their 1yr3m old son. We told them our news.

I told one of my high school friends yesterday. It's funny how people our self centered. She is very much like my sister. I talked to her for 1 hr and it was 50 mins about her and 10 min about me (or less). Not too balanced...She also says things like 'well i'm a mom so i have to buy my kids, xyz and that is expensive'. We are the same age, but one of her children is a teenager. Anyway, she calls me back and I don't answer as I'm in the bathroom. I thought 'maybe she is calling back to offer to have a shower for me'. I already have a family shower in the works and maybe another shower from a friend, so I don't need another one. I should know better. I checked the message and she is calling to tell me that she got an email for our 20 yr r.eunion. I did not call her back for that. :) I wouldn't go anyway - I didn't go to our 10 yr r.eunion. Why would I go to this one? She is so stuck in high school and I'm not, so our phone calls are always 'oh so and so got divorced or had another baby, etc'. First of all, I didn't graduate 20 yrs ago. I have a few years to go. :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ok, I have to comment....

Ok, I wasn't going to have this blog be political, but I have to speak up.
I think children are not necessarily off limits when evaluating a candidate. If they say that is true, then why did we find out that Dick Cheney's daughter was lesbian years ago. Ok, so they didn't spend that much time on that new story, but it is news if you put yourself in the public spotlight. Ok, so maybe his daughter was not a minor, but still. If she doesn't have time to spend talking to her daughter about sex, does she have time to lead our nation?
Running for VP or prez, you are putting yourself out there. (like a celebrity). If angelina jolie had a daughter that was pregnant at 17, that would be news too.
Private lives are out there - if they weren't why would we know about john edward possibly fathering a child or bill clinton having oral sex.
But I do agree with the republicans in that, nobody ever asks about who many children a man has and if it is affecting his workload. At work, I see this a lot. Women get the short end of that stick and that is SEXIST. She can do the job even if she has 5 kids. (but I do think how she treats her kids should be examined).
I was for Hillary as most know who read my blog in the past, but I won't vote for Sarah Palin just because she is a women. Unfortunately for the republicans, women in the US are smarter than that. (to pick someone based on gender). Women are constantly underestimated. I will not vote for Sarah Palin because she is a women. I'm not 100% that I want to vote for obama, but you know what Sarah Palin isn't impressing me so far. I will wait and see.