Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My favorite TV shows

Ok, not sure why this is important, but I wanted to write down the shows that I watch as the new season approaches. It is something to focus on. What are your favorite shows - still showing or not?

I watch and I love:
*Dexter - love the writing
*Weeds - gone downhill but still interesting to me
*Terminator - I love the terminator movies.
*Brothers and Sisters - I love how they have dealt with infertility, pregnancy loss, and adoption
*How I met your mother

Other things that I watch, but it's ok if I miss an episode:

*Desperate Housewives
*Dancing with the Stars
*Millionaire & Jeopardy- when I am bored during the day
*The Doctors - I started watching this - some of the stuff on there I don't care for.

Things I like to watch, but don't always get to: (not just TV)
*Old movies
*60s movies my mom made me watch - Elvis or Beach movies
*Old Twilight Zone episodes - LOVE THEM! I watched some of the newer ones that they are showing again. One seriously disturbed me...
*Scary movies - love zombie movies

What about you? I watch a lot of tv lately -not good - but such is my life. I am sure I missed some shows that I watch.


Monica H said...

I do like the CSI's, Law & Order's, Gray's, Top Chef, Project Runway. I'm a TV junkie :-)

JGirl2005 said...

I can't get into CSI, but if I really watched one I may like it.
How could I forget Grey's Anatomy?
Some of the things they do on there annoys me, but I still watch. Meredith isn't my favorite character, but I did like her last season a lot more.
I do watch project runway as well - when I happen to find it on tv.