Wednesday, October 1, 2008

23w5d peri appt

So far so good...
Cervix was measuring at 3.3cm I believe. No funneling. That seems longer than last time, but I'm not sure the sonographer is the best at measuring. She kinda rushes everything. I had a different one today than I normally do. I don't trust her measurement to be honest.
She couldn't get good pics of the baby - DH said her pics suck compared to other sonographer.
H/B was 169 - had to ask my peri as she didn't even tell me that.
When she measured the baby's head I saw it said 25w, but she told me 'you are 23 wks pg'. I said 'I hope more than that' and she was kinda rude saying 'well I never say the days because it freaks people out'. Uhhh, I think it freaks people out if you only say the weeks, but it could be me.
Another nurse came in before my peri as he was running late. It was the nurse I hadn't seen at all during this pregnancy who I had last time when we had the loss. I don't care for her much. She just answered some questions and asked if we wanted to wait for peri as he was running late.
We waited for peri although it was kinda a long wait - I almost wanted to go home.
He came in and told us that the baby was measuring 23w6d and everything looked good.
He said 2 appts and then on my 3rd appt the stitch comes out. I think they kind messed up on my appts for the rest of the year. They said my stitch comes out on Dec. 31st, but it should come out at 36 weeks, and that is 36w5d, but maybe they just don't care as long as it is in the week of 36. I was arguing with them because originally they scheduled it at 38 weeks. I'll ask them on my next visit if 36w5d is correct. I just don't want to go into labor with the stitch in, but most girls on the IC boards get it taken out at 37 wks.
They told me to call with any spotting as that usually means cervical change.
I pray I don't have any at all. I'm going to take it easy for the next few weeks and then try to do a little more.
My next post will say what I did from 4wks to 24 wks. It is mainly for me to document how I got to 24 wks.
Happy October!!!!!


Ariella said...

I can't wait till you hit 24 weeks! I know in my mind that was a huge milestone!

Monica H said...

happy October to you too. I'm glad it's finally here. Now I'm just waiting for the cool weather.

When you get a chance, will you email me with the names of the ladies at your peri's office that you like and those that you don't like. I'll be seeing him soon enough (no I'm not pregnant) and I'd like to know ahead of time what to expect from their office.