Friday, October 17, 2008

Can I blame Joe six pack?

Ok, so we live in a free country and you can vote for whomever you want. That's the beauty of the US and everyone has an opinion.
But I think that if we vote for McCain that we will have more years of the same. I don't believe is giving big business tax breaks and those who look after their interests.
McCain acts as if he is interested in funding for special needs kids (like Sarah's down syndrome baby). I've never heard of republicans backing this type of funding, so I doubt it would happen. I do agree McCain is not Bush and things could be better. He is a good guy personally, but I don't think he is what our country needs.
My DH says Obama is the better choice in the eyes of Europe and the rest of the world. Let me just say that my DH normally never votes but we agree on politics. The world laughs at our picks and I've read something how they were excited that we had picked a female VP. They don't understand why we haven't elected a woman before. But once they got to know her and know she only got a passport in 2006, they were not impressed. Do we want her to be within a heartbeat of presidency? I'm all for women in office and strong women who can work and have kids, but she is not the right pick.
As most know who read my blog, that I was going for Hillary and Obama took time to grow on me. But I think he is the right choice. I hope that after the recent debates, people at least are not undecided anymore.
Can I blame joe the plumber and joe six pack if we get 4 more years of the same? We know who joe the plumber is voting for. I mean this happens every 4 years and then people regret their decision when the country is in a hole. McCain is pretty old and he makes faces (rolls his eyes) quite a bit. I find that immature and that comes out on the debates. From someone who is sarcastic and rolls her eyes a lot, it isn't the right thing to do in interviews, debates or when running for president. Ok, enough political blogging, this site is not for that purpose.
My birthday falls around e.lection day and I'm not using my b.irthday w.ish on the election. I did that before and it didn't turn out well - remember 2000. That's a great story that I won't post on this blog.


Monica H said...

Amen, Amen, and Amen.

My aunt sent me an anti-Obama email the other day...about how he had roommates in college who wer from Iran, and he visited I raq and Africa- where did he get the money? Well he must be getting from terrorists because he's Muslim. It was such a crock.

I was pissed and emailed her back asking her not to send me political stuff. Her response was she was just trying to be an advocate, but that she never forwarded anti-McCain stuff because she never got any.

So I let her have it and went off on McCain. Do you think she forwarded it to any of her friends? No, I think not. SHe then replied and said she would vote for whomever she wanted (not like I was talking her into voting for one group or another) and that she waould talk to God about it and he would tell her who to vote for. WHomever he needed to run the country would win.

::Deep Breath::

I'm all for talking to God, but I hardly think he wanted Shrub in office for 8 years. Nuff said.

Thanks for letting me vent :-)

joe said...

Joe Six pack Speaks: