Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Praise my husband day!

My DH gets frustrated a lot since he has to do everything around the house, but I know he will do whatever he has to. We do get frustrated with each other.
I think he understands that bedrest is hard for me and I'm just not being lazy all day. I do work full time - but I have been flaking at work lately. :)
I do the bare minimum and try not to get frustrated with incompetent coworkers mainly c.onsultants that I work with. I'm very much a workaholic so it is hard for me not to get stressed over stuff not getting done - whether that's around the house or at work. I'm just a control freak probably. I have to let it go and not let myself get stressed with anything. That isn't to say I'm a neat freak and/or my house is spotless because it's not. I just want it cleaner than it is, but DH does a pretty good job.
DH told me that if I get laid off (which could happen at my job as there are some cutbacks), that it would be ok and I could take a few months off with the baby. I was told I would be ok - at least for the mean time at work. So it may be a blessing in disguise if I am laid off. DH was sweet yesterday when he said 'don't worry if you get laid off - don't let it upset you'. I like working and will eventually go back to work if that happened. Financially, we would be ok - we have little bills and my DH can support both of us.
Today he called to say he got the Mind you, he has never gotten it - or he may have but not in the past five years. Every year he gets sick, but I'm not sure it is the flu. I think he gets a sinus infection. I told him that was sweet that he got it to protect me and the baby. I'm not getting one as I don't trust them but that is another post. I got my flu shot last year the day I went into labor -not sure it helped if I had an existing infection (although we all know that the shot doesn't cause the flu). :) I'm going to pass this year because 1)every year I get the shot I get sick. - not necessarily the flu. Last year I got sick, but not sure if it was the shot, the loss of the baby or something else. It wasn't the flu. 2) not sure I ever had the flu 3) I'm on house arrest so I'm not exposed to too many germs right now.

On another subject:
It is still hard for me to believe that there will be a baby in 13 weeks or less. (10 weeks from today I get my cerclage out) I'm not prepared at all for the baby. Nothing - nursery, baby seat, etc. My sister gave me some clothes though. I wonder when I can be happy and finally thinking that everything will work out - maybe when the baby is in my arms.

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Ariella said...

You have made it so far! I know you are having a hard time because you worry if this will actually result in a live child, but try to remember that your past doesn't dictate your future. Your clergy is holding strong and you and your Drs are doing everything humanly possible to get you that healthy baby, your right that it isn't a guarantee though. (((((HUGS))))))