Friday, October 31, 2008

28 weeks later!

Happy Halloween - I'm 28 weeks!!!!

I can't believe I have made it this far.

I love this movie and the first one -28 days later. I think I mentioned before I love zombie movies. DH won't let me watch scary movies while pg (although I have some of this week). I've had so many zombie or vampire nightmares (more in early pregnancy) that DH doesn't think its healthy for the baby. I think the baby likes to be entertained at night. My dreams are crazy and sometimes I wake up and I think 'i am bored with that dream, but maybe the baby was entertained'. :)

Even with all the scary movies I've seen this week -especially on AMC -this week I've had election night -nighmares! I'll be glad when this election is over and I hope it isn't as close as I think it will be. I really don't want a repeat of 2000 where it comes down to a few votes. I hope there are no voting related issues.

On another note, why is it only republicans send stupid chain emails? I get these from relatives and friends from the dark side (just kidding). I don't get emails from democrats. My FIL believes all these emails he gets. I just hate chain mails in general but ones with lies are just intolerable.

Another 28 made the news this week - the P.hillies hadn't won the world series in 28 years! I was going for T.ampa Bay, but it is cool that the P.hillies won. I don't really watch b.aseball.

I go to the dr. twice next week (peri and obgyn), so I hope all is well with the baby and I'll have some updates on those appts.

How fair is it that I have my GD test on Monday? I won't be able to eat a lot of halloween candy. Boo...

Don't forget to change your clocks back on Saturday!


Monica H said...

wow- 28 weeks! Congrats.

You're so right, I don't ever get chain mails from my Democrat friends.

happy Halloween!

Ariella said...

Congrats on 28 weeks! Next challange 32 weeks!

As for chain letters I get some great ones from Democrats, although they seemed to be filled with thier own kind of propaganda. But I get less of them than the ones from my uptight Republicain relatives that is for sure.

And I am with you I can't take another 2000, or 2004 year. We need a BIG change and I for one will be devestated if we don't get it.