Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Why can't things ever go smoothly?

On Friday, the baby was kicking a lot and I'm not sure if I was feeling pain. Saturday, I had it a little bit of pain but didn't know if it was pain or just the baby's hard kicks. Sunday I had cramping at night, but didn't want to go to L&D as I know they will do a manual check and I really don't trust the oncall drs to not do that - as they don't understand I'm high risk and I have a cerclage.

So, I made an appt on Monday with my obygn. I couldn't see him though, just a nurse practioner.

I left a urine sample and I told DH that my urine was cloudy and I thought I might have an infection. They found blood and white blood cells in my urine so wanted to do a pelvic exam. I was so scared as my obgyn usually doesn't even want to do these while I'm pregnant. They told me since I was having cramping they should definitely check. I finally felt OK to let her check because I really hate seeing nurse practioners (nothing against them - i know there are good ones out there but I've had bad experiences in the past). She found some discharge (white) in my vagina and tested it for bacterial vaginosis (BV). It was positive for that. I wasn't having any discharge or bleeding. She also said I have a UTI. I got antibiotics for both. I didn't have burning or itching - only symptom was cramping on sunday night - no cramping yesterday. I've read that BV doesn't sometimes have symptoms. They told me that people who have sex may know that they have this sooner than those of us that don't have sex.

Please spare a prayer or thought (for the non-religious) for me and my baby. I hope (and think) we will be OK, but it is scary. Many pregnant ladies get UTI and/or BV, but they are not high risk like me. I got an infection that caused my water to break last time (baby had an infection of the amniotic fluid). The only saving grace that I have now is that I have a cerclage which is keeping my cervix closed very tightly. I've read that having BV can increase the chance for preterm labor and/or rupture of membranes and/or preterm delivery (before 37 wks). That is the part that scares me.

Some positive things I have found on the internet: (I need to stop googling though)
*If found early, BVs are not a major issue if treated while pregnant.
*My cervix was closed, so that is a good thing.
*Many women get this while pregnant. 10-30% I think I read.
*I asked the women on my board yesterday and one had it in the 2nd trimester while pregnant. That does provide me some comfort that some have this and then go on to deliver a baby.
*I've read that it is more common with cerclages. It sometimes happen when people have sex which I AM NOT. They told me at the drs office that people with cerclages are more prone to this as the cerclage keeps things moist down there.
*I'm glad that they found it (as I didn't want her to give me a pelvic exam). By the way, she didn't check manually which was great.
*I'm glad I listened to my body and went in.

Dr's office don't seem concerned. They aren't seeing me until another 4 weeks. Peri's office (nurse) called to check up on me after I let them know I was going in to see my obgyn. They said I could go in there next time maybe - but my peri was out yesterday. They also weren't too concerned.


kateqpr said...


I'm going through a similar thing to you - had a stitch fitted last week and now on a long bout of boring bed rest.... Was really interested to see you describe the feeling of your stitch as like having a tampon. I've been feeling like that since it was fitted, and was panicking i was weird or something was wrong, so your post cheered me up!

Good luck with everything....hope you have a long pregnancy

kate (London)

Monica H said...

I'm glad you went to get checked out and they found the source of your problems early. I will definitely say a prayer for you and baby.

Take care.

日月神教-向左使 said...


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