Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ok, I have to comment....

Ok, I wasn't going to have this blog be political, but I have to speak up.
I think children are not necessarily off limits when evaluating a candidate. If they say that is true, then why did we find out that Dick Cheney's daughter was lesbian years ago. Ok, so they didn't spend that much time on that new story, but it is news if you put yourself in the public spotlight. Ok, so maybe his daughter was not a minor, but still. If she doesn't have time to spend talking to her daughter about sex, does she have time to lead our nation?
Running for VP or prez, you are putting yourself out there. (like a celebrity). If angelina jolie had a daughter that was pregnant at 17, that would be news too.
Private lives are out there - if they weren't why would we know about john edward possibly fathering a child or bill clinton having oral sex.
But I do agree with the republicans in that, nobody ever asks about who many children a man has and if it is affecting his workload. At work, I see this a lot. Women get the short end of that stick and that is SEXIST. She can do the job even if she has 5 kids. (but I do think how she treats her kids should be examined).
I was for Hillary as most know who read my blog in the past, but I won't vote for Sarah Palin just because she is a women. Unfortunately for the republicans, women in the US are smarter than that. (to pick someone based on gender). Women are constantly underestimated. I will not vote for Sarah Palin because she is a women. I'm not 100% that I want to vote for obama, but you know what Sarah Palin isn't impressing me so far. I will wait and see.


Monica H said...

me neither- impressed that is.

Monica H said...

Come on over- I have a pink rose for you.