Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

I read a whole book yesterday! That's a pretty big deal for me - i'm not a big reader. I wish I read more - I do have more time w/bedrest now.
It was an easy book and very short. :)
'The Last Lecture' by Randy Pausch. I loved it and could really relate. He was a computer science teacher and I was a computer programmer. Such good advice on living life and enjoying each day...I had read about him in Parade magazine a few months back. I highly recommend it. I hope my DH reads it soon.

I went for my weekly shower today - the water was very cold -we go to where I work - not sure if the hot water just wasn't working. It was still nice to have a shower.
Yea -holiday tomorrow!!! It will be relaxing not to work.
I had some visitors on Friday afternoon. It's great to have visitors, but still tiring for me as people can be very loud.

My neighbors were having a party yesterday and we aren't close with them. They are loud. I could write more but I won't. They are single people-not sure how many live there. I'm just glad they didn't have music on very loudly as they usually do. They were yelling stupid stuff out though. I started laughing when it started pouring rain- as they were all out there swimming in their pool and enjoying the sun. Then I thought that my DH was out biking and probably also got poured on.

I'm praying for those in New Orleans as they are getting hit again. I hope everyone could get out this time - even the people without money or transportation.

A year ago tomorrow is the day I had my IVF transfer.

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Monica H said...

I got that book a few months ago but have yet to read it- I'm not sure why. But I was really sad when he died. And yes, it is very short.

Happy Labor Day to you too!