Friday, August 1, 2008

Premature statistic

Last week I posted this link on the IC forum to see what people thought.

Male fetuses are more likely to be born prematurely and have a higher rate of fetal death than female fetuses (a difference of 2.8–9.8%).

I think if you have incompetent cervix, it doesn't matter if you have a boy or a girl - it is still going to not hold up (without help). I think these are general statistics, not specific to IC.

I was scared to find out that I was having a boy as I know girls do much better if they are born premature. But I'm happy that I'm blessed to be pregnant and we are happy with just a healthy baby - no matter the sex.

On another subject, people asked why I still see my peri. I think he is the best in my city for the cerclage surgery. I think he is pretty good in general, just very relaxed. He is the same for all his patients as I mentioned previously that my friend goes to him and he told her she would be fine after she lost one of her twins and was at risk of going into labor (before viability). She did more bedrest than he said and I think that was good for her as she is ok now. She called him 'flippant'. My peri does make sense in his advice. To be honest, most peris don't believe in bedrest. Part of the reason I don't trust him or other drs. like this is because they can't easily tell women 'you should be in bed resting' because then if the women did everything they could still sue them. I guess they could still sue them if they say 'go waterskiing'. :) I don't trust any dr. 100%. If I went to a new peri, it would probably be the same - he would say not to do bedrest. Even though my friend thinks he is too lenient, she still sees him too. You have to listen to your drs., but you also have to listen to your body.
I'm annoyed half the time with my RE as he is late constantly, he answers his cell phone while doing u/s on me, and he doesn't pay attention all the time. He is late for no good reason too. At least my obgyn is late because he is delivering babies, but my RE is late because he was 'on the phone' or 'at lunch'. But I think he is the BEST in my state at what he does! I would rather have a great doctor than one who just has the best bedside manner.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


Monica H said...

"I think he is the best in my city for the cerclage surgery."

I agree. He is lax, but he is competent (unlike our cervixes). I think he just tries to be casual so he doesn't stress us out, he wants us to be more comfortable. But I do think he knows what he's doing (and he knows that too, hence his cockiness).

Ariella said...

I responded to your question in my blog comments.