Monday, August 18, 2008

Yea - it's raining!

Ok, as most of you know, I prefer the sun to the rain - hence the name of my blog, but it's summer and I live in a hot state in the south. It hasn't rained for awhile - well really good...

It just started pouring - yea!! They predicted 6-8 inches where I live over the next 5 days and I hope we will get it. The weather people have been really wrong lately though. I seriously doubt we will get that much.

I usually water plants, trees, etc, but since I'm on bedrest DH doesn't water them but I agree with him there isn't much point with how dry it is here. We just hate wasting water. Our grass is like hay. My trees will love the rain!

I am glad it is raining for another reason - because it will bring down our temperatures. Even inside, I feel hot - even with the a/c on. I always feel hot even when I'm not pregnant. DH says I'm always hot that's why I rarely get sick. He thinks viruses can't live in my body.

The raining has already stopped - please more rain!!!


Leah said...

We must live in the same city! are you in Austin, by chance? We've been waiting on those inches and haven't seen a drop! Shoot me an email if you'd like!! would be cool if we were in the same town!

Monica H said...

I know, I was so bummed by the lack of rain today :-( I really thought it was going to pour, but it rained all of 2 whole minutes. Bummer!