Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Big u/s results

Had big u/s today. They confirmed I am having a boy. I guess they were right 4 weeks ago.
CL was 3.0 - that is ok for me. Down from last time, but same girl who measured it last time and measured it short measured it today-so I'm thinking it is around 3.0 or maybe slightly higher if peri had measured it.
I told the nurse and peri that I feel movement very low - but have read others have that too with a cerclage. Peri says baby could be kicking my bladder or cervix. They said my uterus is still low, so movement will be lower until 24 wks. I feel very little movement so far. Just some taps here and there...but I get scared when I get the movement that low. I usually just lie down more when I have this.
No funneling.
Baby is measuring 9 oz and had a h/b of 163.
Baby is measuring 19w2d - 4 days ahead.
Baby's heart and brain seem good.
We talked w/the peri afterwards. He thinks I am a 'normal pregnant person' now. He said 'no more baby drama for you'. Well, I'll still do what I have been doing until 24 weeks. It is working I think. I will go up my stairs around 24 wks.
Peri says he won't see me for 5 or 6 weeks. I'm scared to go that long, but trust his judgment. Honestly, I can't go every week because I'm doing everything possible as-is to keep the baby inside. So if my CL dropped suddenly, it would hard for me to be stricter with my activities. So, the way I look at it is that I would rather have less dr. appts as getting in the car and walking around brings on BH contractions for me and/or irritable uterus.
We stopped to grab a bite on the way - a quick restaurant where I didn't have to stand long.
I asked peri about steroid shots at 24 wks and he won't give them to me unless things start going badly. I asked him about delivery of a premie - what if my water broke - which hospital should I go to. He said that won't be an issue. He is confident I'll go until 2 weeks after my cerclage is removed at 36 wks. (I'm more than halfway there!!!) He said just go to my normal hospital and I would be transferred if I delivered before 36 wks.
I've been leaking urine since the start of this pregnancy. The more water I drink the more I notice this. Peri said he doesn't know why, but it can happen and it will just get worse as my bladder has less room because of the baby's growth. None of my drs seem to know why i have this - it isn't when i sneeze or cough as they usually expect. My amniotic fluid was perfect so that calms my fears that it could be a slow amniotic leak. Yea! That is what I worried about two weeks ago when I visited my obgyn and they didn't want to do the amniotic fluid test or an u/s to check it out.
I wish I could have my peri's confidence. I do trust him more though. So far so good...


Monica H said...

You know...and I hate to make you worry about this...but at my old doctors office, she explained to me that when they do the cerclage, they can sometimes (accidentally) puncture the bladder and then it will have a permanent leak. It can be fixed with surgery though.

Like I said, I don't know if this is what you have, but it's worth checking out. I don't know what else it could be other than just pressure. Sorry.

JGirl2005 said...

Yeah, Monica I have heard of that. Well, I had the leaking when I first found out I was pregnant, so not sure cerclage placement did it.
I had it a little on my last pregnancy but was told it was probably high estrogen levels.
It is just an annoyance, they can put something inside me that will keep the pressure off my bladder, but I probably won't do that. Peri said to ask my obgyn to do that, but I don't want him to place something near my cervix.
Maybe my bladder was damaged during child birth. But then I would have problems all the time and it just seems to be when I'm pregnant.
Maybe I'm getting too much soy in my diet and that is the estrogen as my re told me w/last pregnancy. I was taking estrogen supplements in the IVF pregnancy.
I'm not sure. The funny thing is that drs always say 'oh it is when you cough or sneeze'. I say 'no it actually doesn't happen when I sneeze (yet).'
By the way, I haven't been able to make it to the cemetary, but hopefully my father in law will put some new flowers at the site.

Ariella said...

The urine leak sounds annoying but manageable. I am glad your Peri is taking such good care of you and is so confident.

Congrats on your SON!