Friday, August 8, 2008

OBGYN appt

Dr. didn't want to do u/s, and I didn't push the issue for cervical length measurement. I really wanted an u/s, but decided I would be ok without one.

I told him I am still leaking fluid (probably urine)- have been since 4 weeks pregnant though. He thinks I am fine and didn't want to do a test for amniotic fluid. He prefers not to put anything in the vagina and I agree with him. I would have prefered an u/s to see that all the fluid levels were ok. My dr. is very compassionate and just said he understands that I have an 'anniversary' this week - that I may have anxiety. He then said 'don't spend your time worrying as there is nothing you can do. Worry will not help, so you might as well spend your time thinking positive thoughts'. I told him that works keeps my mind off things, so I don't think I am constantly worrying.

My DH thinks I have gained 10lbs. Well, he went with me to the obgyn today and they said I have gained 1 POUND. I just told my husband 'see I told you!' in front of my dr. The dr. just said 'that can't be right'. He didn't sound concerned, though.

I think I might have gained 2 lbs only (but I weight more in the evening after a lot of bloat). I'm about as bloated as I was at 4 weeks pregnant with IVF #1. DH thinks I might have lost muscle mass just resting a lot.

We got to eat out before the dr. appt. We were kinda rushed, but it was enjoyable. I was scared to be out and eating since I've only been at home. I was having some bh contractions - not sure because I went down the stairs or I was out and about going to the dr. (or just because I was scared to be walking around). Those stopped when I was at the drs office. DH dropped me off at the front of the drs. office, so I didn't have to walk too much.

Dr. measured h/b on the doppler and it was 157. He said 'you can hear the baby kicking'. Of course, I can't feel him yet.

Well, DH asked my obgyn some of the same questions he asked the peri. My obgyn is much more conservative. After hearing his responses, my DH is much more comfortable with how I am dealing with this pregnancy. (resting a lot). My obgyn said if I sit still and don't move for hours in the same position like being on an airplance- yeah I can get a bloodclot, but getting up to go the bathroom quite a bit keeps me OK. DH was happy to hear that since my peri was so vocal about me not resting at all. I'm glad my DH finally sees what I am doing is good. He left it in my hands previously, but I think in the back of his mind he was scared I was hurting myself. My obgyn said 'of course they told you no sex' and I said 'remember I told you peri says sex is ok, so they didn't tell me NOT TO'- But I said 'you know we aren't doing anything - nothing in the there at all.'

My blood pressure is great - something I worry about with all the salty foods I eat and not being active. I have low blood pressure normally.

Have a great weekend! I may be updating only once a week for awhile.


Monica H said...

Glad you were able to get out of the house and had a good lunch and appt. Talk to you next week.

Have a good weekend.

Sabrina said...

Just wondering who your OB and Peri are...

JGirl2005 said...

Sabrina, please email me:

I won't talk dr. names on my blog.

Ariella said...

Could you do me a favor?

Help this person:

PLEASE! Her cervix is shortning and I know nothing about that but you do!