Thursday, July 3, 2008

OBGYN appt yesterday

Yesterday I had my 2nd obgyn appt. I thought they were going to do an u/s as last time they didn't do one. They also said when they did a pap smear they would ensure all was closed w/my cervix. I wish I had an u/s, but that's ok.

I had my pap smear. Thankfully no spotting from it - as that just makes people more nervous.
I was so nervous last time to get one of these - I was constantly googling about this. I'm glad I went through with it. I think it was fine to do it. Last time, my obgyn kept not being available and they wanted to stick me with the nurse practioner. Their usual tactic at my obgyn's office as my dr. is constantly running behind. So last time I never got a pap smear and then I lost the baby at almost 16 weeks. My obgyn was never available to do the pap, although I had many appts before 16 weeks. This time, they also wanted someone else to do it as my obgyn was going to be out fo the country for a few weeks. I'm glad I waited for him to come back since he is so gentle. I love my obgyn! He told me my cervix was closed and discharge around it was normal. Last time when I had funneling at 13 weeks, my cervix was closed from the outside, but opening from the inside (internal OS).

It's interesting that my obgyn really likes my peri, but recommended the opposite of what he has. My peri as mentioned before, was my peri when I lost the baby. I trust him, but his office messed up w/me last time. My cervical length last time was 2.5 a few days beforeThanksgiving and they didn't think I needed a cerclage. But they also didn't tell me it was that low, or I would have been on bedrest last time and not gone out of town for Thanksgiving. I lost my son 1 week after Thanksgiving. Anyway, back to my point. My peri is constantly saying once I get the cerclage I can be like a regular pregnant woman (I can run, I can have sex, I can swim, etc). Since he says stuff like this, my DH believes that. Well, I already made a decision about no sex (and of course no swimming or running or even walking). I also am not following his advice that I will be 'normal'. I plan to work from home and be home-bound. The peri said that is ok, as long as I'm not in bed all day. Well, my obgyn yesterday told me 'I wouldn't have sex after the cerclage'. I told him, 'oh I'm not going to'. I then told him peri said I could do anything. He said he disagrees a little bit, but he said 'i'm more conservative than he is'.

The reason I'm sticking with this peri is because I honestly think he is the best in my city for applying the cerclage. As far as care outside that, I need more time w/him to make a decision. I think with the cerclage I'll get better care in general.

I had the 7 vials of blood taken yesterday. Ugh, I hate blood normally and I've been pretty good with blood draws for IVF. But this was so much blood was coming out so slowly.

I have my NT scan next week. I'm anxious, but hopeful everything is ok. Praying daily seems to help me feel confident about this pregnancy.

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July!!!


Monica H said...

I remember Dr. B telling me I'd have a normal pregnancy too. Honestly, I just don't believe it.
I think I'd still put myself on bedrest just to be safe.

Glad you had a good visit, but sorry you didn't have an u/s. Maybe next time.

Happy 4th! DH and I are going to the cemetery to put flags down for the boys. Have a good weekend!

mickymayor said...

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