Monday, July 21, 2008

In search of my grandfather...

My grandfather would have been 108 this year. He died very early - in his 50s. My mom was very young when he died.

She wants to get his birth certificate, so I'm trying to help her. She never knew if he was adopted by a relative or not, so it may be a challenge in finding his birth certificate. (especially since it is from 1900).

Saturday I received a care package from one of my friends. It was so nice of her.

I've been feeling pretty good, but taking it very, very easy. I only get up twice a daily to spend less than 30 minutes on my main computer. I work from home - on my computer- in bed. I only get up to get a quick lunch and to go to the bathroom.
I have one more week until my follow up appt. I hope the stitch is holding and the baby is doing well.

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