Tuesday, July 8, 2008

NT Scan went great!

Thanks for the prayers ladies! It helped. I know some of you don't believe in God. ;) But thinking good thoughts helps too...

We had genetic counseling. We do have some down syndrome and other mental retardation in both our families.

After that, we had our u/s and they measured the fluid in the baby's neck. I was concerned yesterday for nothing regarding this. The baby is fine. The baby was measuring correctly had a h/b of 168 bpm and was sleeping. I'm sometimes concerned when the baby doesn't move too much, but the u/s tech said it was ok. The baby was curled up in a corner, but in a great position to measure the spine. Yesterday, it moved around a little, but not too much.

After that, the peri reviewed my results with me and looked at my cervix and did an internal exam. My cerclage isn't scheduled yet but should be scheduled for less than 2 weeks from today. I hope it is late next week. He did see pink/brown blood on my cervix. That explains why I told the nurse I feel like my cervix is irritated. It's weird that I can feel that. No bleeding today. He told me it was probably part of the placenta that broke off - which he says is ok. He said based on the u/s pic, my placenta is over my cervix, which he says is normal for this stage in pregnancy. DH asked the peri a lot of questions and seems to really like him.

Since I'll be 36 when I deliver, my odds are this:

Down Syndrome - normally 1 in 233, but for me it was 1 in 718 - printout says equivalent to a 29 year old. Yea!

Trisomy 18/13- normally 1 in 412, but for me it was 1 in 8,221 - equivalent to a 20 year old. (!!)

I know I still have a chance for these, but I'm glad that I don't have to have an amnio and I can move forward with the cerclage.

Thanks for your support ladies!!! It is so nice to have the kind support of strangers - well online friends.


Monica H said...

what great news! I am so relieved for you. Those odds are great. Prayers really do work :-)

Anonymous said...

where in tx are you? austin? who is your peri?

mrsmuelly said...

Congrats on the great NT scan and visit too! It has to be great to get such "young" results. Happy and healthy 6 more months to you!