Monday, July 28, 2008

Found some info on grandfather

Last night I was looking for information on my grandfather, since I am bored and spend a lot of time on the computer these days. I found his death certificate, which lists his parents names. I called my mom immediately to tell her. She knew his mom's name first name, but not maiden name. She knew her dad's last name, but not his first name.

And then I found a contact who volunteers with the US Gen Web project. I emailed her some information last night and she found quite a bit of information for me today. Yea!!

My grandfather was raised by his grandparents not his parents- which is why he had a different last name. His mom had another son and named him the same name - with the right last name. Geez! Why do people have to really mess up things by having 2 sons w/the same name? Of course, on both brother's death certificates, they misspell their parents name which makes it harder to track things.

I think I am done searching for awhile and will let my mom have a go at it with the information that I gave her. :)

It is interesting that my grandmother had a stillborn baby boy. I'm not sure my mom told me that before (or she even knew). I knew they had a baby girl that died at 2 years old from pneumonia. That was in the records too.

The other day, I was searching on my dad's side, while looking for my mom's family. My dad's side is more established with names spelled the right way, etc. A relative does genealogy for my dad's side, so there is a lot of information that she has found. I found a relative (distant, but maybe an ancestor), who had lost so many babies at birth. I wonder why she lost so many? Could she have had IC like me? It made me sad, but also made me think that she must have been strong to keep going as she did. She did survive. She lost: 1 baby at birth, 4 babies less than 8 days old, 1 baby at 2 years old. It was the early 1900s and she lived in a desolate location. (far from hospitals)

Even when doing something not baby related - it all comes back to stillbirth and pregnancy loss. The women I have met online who have been through loss of life are the strongest women I know.

Thanks Niobe- for letting me know other sources on where to find relatives - that really helped in my search!!

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Monica H said...

I'm so glad you found him- that's amazing.

I'm sorry to read that your relative had so many losses. It just plain sucks- but it's women like that that give us the strength to keep going.