Saturday, July 19, 2008

Do you believe in angels?

On the way to the surgery floor while on the elevator, a man started talking to my DH and asked him if he liked to read books. My DH was holding a big book in his hands -an IT technical book.
Well, he gave my DH a device to hold the book open, so you can just use one hand to hold the book. It was nice of him. He was first just showing my DH, and then gave it to him. As soon as he gave it to him, he got off on his floor. DH and I just looked at each other and my DH is not religious, but I told him later that I think that guy was an angel - trying to give us a good sign that everything was going to be ok. My DH said 'well this device looks like an angel'. It was a weird experience and even my DH thought so. It is nice when people are kind to strangers like that. I believe angels can embody people. The day of our surgery is an important day to us. It is the birthday of 3 people very close to us. (including my grandfather who passed away last year).

I told my friend who lost one of her twins that I was pregnant via email. We aren't telling most of our friends for a few more weeks. She ended up calling me to talk. We have the same peri and she said she was advised to get the cerclage after her first twin was lost. It turned out she didn't need it - just bedrest- and now she is past viability. It was great to talk to her. She said when she lost the baby, our peri told her she still could do a lot. She said her obgyn is much more conservative than the peri. I told her I agree and my obgyn is the same way. I told her that I like our peri, but I think I'll be much more conservative with my pregnancy than he thinks I need to be. She agreed that our peri just thinks things will work out for people. We also both have the same RE. We have so much in common. We both went through infertility had to do IVF/ICSI because of sperm issues. She said she was jealous that I got pg on our own. She is happy for us though. Her DH sent out a email to a few of us this week about the loss of the twin. It must be so difficult to go through.

I've been feeling pretty good the past 2 days - no cramping and very little spotting. I am praying everything is ok with the baby. I debated if I should move in with my FIL because he has a one-story. He said that was ok, so I may do that if I need to (if my cervical length shrinks, etc).

Have a great weekend everyone!

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