Monday, July 7, 2008

Emergency u/s today

I woke up to pink spotting this morning. I called my peri's office and they said to call my obgyn. Apparently they can't seem me without a referral... So I got in with my obgyn's office (not my obgyn) at 930am for an u/s.

The u/s tech is so thorough and spent more than 30 minutes looking at my uterus, cervix and the baby.

Baby is fine. Measuring correctly - I am 11 w 3 days and the baby was measuring 11 w 5 days or greater. H/B was fine.

Cervix is fine. No funneling. It measured between 2.8 and 3.0 when my bladder was almost empty. I told u/s tech it has gone down in 2 weeks. While I was on the u/s machine, my bladder filled up. When my bladder was full, my cervix was over 4. Cervix is closed on both sides.

After the u/s (external one), I had more spotting, and a tiny red blood clot. After that, the nurse practioner saw me and looked at my cervix. She said it was closed, but she said she saw blood in my vagina. In looking at my u/s pictures, she said my bleeding was unexplainable. But she said she saw something that might be a subchronic (sp?) hemmorrage. I was advised by her to take today and tomorrow off until my NT scan. I came home to rest and not work at all.

My NT scan is tomorrow, but I'm very scared. I'm scared something is wrong with the baby and maybe that is why I am bleeding. I keep telling myself that I don't have cramping and don't have more spotting, etc. I constantly look at the u/s pics and think something is wrong with the baby. I'm praying so hard for a good NT scan and the thumbs up for my cerclage.

If you read my blog, please say a prayer for me. I appreciate it!


Ariella said...

Prayers said.

Spotting is so scarry but remeber something like 25% of healthy pg have spotting. Sending you a big hug and will check in tomorrow to make sure NT scan went well.

Busted said...

I'll be thinking of you, and checking in to make sure everything goes well. Hang in there!

Monica H said...

I'll be praying for you and baby. A couple of my friends IRL have had subchorionic hemmorages. One friend lost her baby very early, but never knew she had a hemmorage until after the baby was born. When she got pregnant again, the hemmorage was still there, but reabsorbed into her body and never harmed the baby. She was born perfectly healthy. My other friend also had one, but it too wasn't a threat to her baby either. She was born a couple weeks early, but perfect. I'll be praying for the same for you.

Sometimes you bleed with the hemmorages, even though they are so small. On an u/s they may appear big because the baby is so small, but they are often non-threatening and from what I've read, they don't grow with the baby. I could be wrong, but I think they stay the same size. Either way, I'll be praying for peace of mind and strength to make through another day.

niobe said...

Thinking of you and saying a prayer.

Anonymous said...

I had quite a bit of spotting with both of my pregnancies, and they were completely healthy and normal. I know it's scary though.