Monday, April 7, 2008

The Joy of Spotting

Well, on Saturday - 5dp6dt , I had some clear/tan discharge - one time thing. I was happy at the time as I thought it might be a good sign - implantation.

On Sunday night, 6dp6dt, I had more spotting that was pink, brown, and the tiniest red (about the size of a nickel or quarter). It was red like when you cut yourself, not the usual red color I get with AF . So nothing was coming out, it is just when I wipe. Sorry for the TMI. I also wasn't cramping at all.

I was getting nervous last night, but thinking if I was having a m/c, there really wasn't anything that I could do about it. I was thinking maybe I did too much during the day, but I am trying to take it easy during the 2wws (and even more so, if I get a BFP).

I think girls who do IVF have more spotting - they don't really know why. Last time I had this and I got a BFP, but I had only brown spotting on the day before beta and a few days after beta. Last time, my DH and I assumed when I had that it was because both embryos didn't implant. I was googling last night anyone who had spotting before betas. Because *normally* people don't get AF while on progesterone. It can happen though.

Today I wore a pad all day so I could track any spotting. It was VERY, VERY light and only when wiping - nothing getting onto the pad. Today was mainly light brown and pink this morning. I drank a TON of water today. I think that helps with spotting too. You would think because I had this before that I would think that was a postive sign - No. Spotting at anytime can make anyone nervous.

I hope spotting is a positive sign in my case, but I'm not getting my hopes up. I have other symptoms, but progesterone could be a factor in most of those.


Ariella said...

The stupid nest isn't letting me post today so I am posting here: CONGRATS! I am so ahppy for you and understand your caution. Your in my prayers and I can't wait to hear what your beta is!

Anonymous said...

I wish you the best! I just finished IVF.....beta is in 2d! I am nervous....still getting neg on hpt....also started spotting and mild cramping today....I don't know what to do I can't handle another took me a yr to get over my m/c. Do you think there is any hope for us????
I will check in to see how you're doing :-)