Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cautious BFP!

I had a FET on 3/31 - I am 8dp6dt and decided to test today - one day before my beta. It's positive! I waited to test today because it was 4/8. DH's lucky number is 8. I'm all about numbers - I'm so superstitous.

I did 2 tests. PIAC (p'd in a cup) . Did $ tree first and the line didn't come up immediately - I was scared. Then I saw a faint line and decided to do a digital test - Pregnant came up right away. I was shaking. I tested at 6am and woke DH up to tell him the news. I warned him the night before that I might wake him up as early as 4am. I couldn't go back to sleep after that.

We transferred 2 blasts and one was hatching. We had done ICSI on them which I think helps the thaw process.

As someone who has been through a loss, I am very scared and my DH and I can't get too excited. We have been here before. He told me the other day that he would be excited when the baby arrives. I am posting today unlike last time when I waited for the beta because I want to enjoy every day that I'm pregnant. Anyone who has been through any type of miscarraige knows how I feel. I have a book that I need to read that has a chapter of how to deal with emotions once you get pregnant after a loss.

We have a long road ahead of us. For those who don't know, we lost our son at almost 16 weeks due to a possible incompetent cervix. The drs aren't sure what happened, but I did see my peri in January for a prepregnancy consult (see my blog entry from Jan). I have to have a cerclage at 12 weeks which is a dangerous procedure in itself. Dangerous because the baby could get an infection. The vaginal cerclage is usually only 80-90% effective. Twins can make this condition worse.

Here is praying to God for a good beta tomorrow.

5dp6dt –
Some cramping
Dry Lips
Clear/Tan discharge
Lower temp – could this be implantation dip? I have to admit I wasn't good with charting my temps this month.

6dp6dt – High temp
Some cramping
Some soreness in BBs
Pink spotting
Some stretching in lower body
Dry lips
Soreness in BBs, not really when touching, just pulsating through
Very little spotting, mainly light brown, only when wiping
Stretching in lower body
Dry lips

An overview of what I did differently. *Disclaimer*-I'm not saying that YOU should do any of this, just what worked for me. :)

My first IVF fresh cycle I got a BFP.
What I did the SAME as last time for my frozen cycle:
1) Pineapple - day before transfer, day of transfer, 2 days after transfer
2) Pomegranate juice - drank before transfer and a few days after transfer, but not a lot after transfer
3) Rested day of transfer and day after but walked up stairs on day of transfer. No shower on day of transfer, but did shower on following day.
4) Took it easy for week after transfer. No housework - no long walks.

1) Acupuncture - I think this made the difference. I started 2/14 because I thought my ET would be in early March. I did acup before and after transfer although DH didn't want to take me back at first (see why on my blog -FET rollercoaster).

My RE gave me a success rate of 35% because of my age (transferring 2 blasts). I think acup boosted that percentage. The acupuncturist that I had after transfer was one I didn't have before. He told me to visualize the blood in my uterus and do deep breathing. I did what he said. He said deep breathing is what the buddist monks do. :) He also did needle stimulation on me. At first I didn't know what to think, but maybe it helped. I did have a visible clot in one of my veins that they put the needle in a few days later.

I plan to continue acupuncture once a week in the first trimester because it really calms me down. My friend is doing it now for morning sickness. The place I go to does acupuncture for miscarriage prevention in the first trimester and their focus is reproductive acupuncture.

2) I stayed downstairs on the first day and spent the night on the couch- our master is upstairs. I was supposed to go to work the next day after transfer but I called in sick for both days. I did not shower on day of transfer or day after.

3) No housework, although I helped DH with laundry last night - just putting away some clothes. I was cleaning up on Sunday - bending and picking things up and then I had my spotting so I layed down.

Implantation Spotting?
I'm not sure I believe in this for me. But I did have spotting on Sunday and some yesterday. I did have spotting too for my last IVF which was positive. I think (for me), it is IVF related. I'm not sure it is implantation spotting. Last time DH and I thought it was one of the embryos not implanting. I think spotting during IVF is COMMON.

Thanks for your support everyone! We thank God that he gave us this miracle! Everything is in God's hands. I am going to try not to get worked up about things (spotting, family, life, etc). I bought on Sunday a nature sounds machine. They have one in each acupuncture room and it puts me to sleep. I am going to try to use this everyday for relaxation.


Monica H said...

I hope it sticks- congrats on the early BFP!

Miss Conception said...

Congratulations!! You and I are in a similar situation. I am 6dp6dt of two frozen blasts and I just took a test this morning...+++++

I miscarried in December, so this is frightening to me, but exciting nonetheless. After 8 years of trying, I have never seen a positive pregnancy test. Hope this all works for the both of us.

ADJ said...

Was just searching and found your site. What is the name of the book you read?

Anonymous said...

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