Sunday, April 6, 2008

I think DH has more shoes than me!

Yesterday, DH bought some golf shoes and I told him that he needs to count all his shoes and then mine and if he has more than me, he needs to get rid of some. We didn't count all of our shoes, but maybe we will soon. He always likes buying shoes. This isn't right - girls should have more shoes than guys. :)

Anyway, we went to breakfast with my father in law. It was nice to see him as last weekend we were so busy cleaning our garage and getting ready for the embryo transfer that we didn't go and see him. We try to see him weekly as he lives in our same city.

Last time for IVF #1, we POAS before our beta. Our beta was scheduled for 9/11 and we POAS on 9/9 - 2 days prior. This time, we think we will POAS before beta, but we aren't sure. I didn't want to do it today because I'm crazy. Today I am 6 day past 6 day transfer and today is April 6th, so I didn't like how many sixes that added up to. :) I'm superstitious, I guess.

I have a few symptoms, but they could be related to the progesterone injections that I'm getting. DH isn't excited if he has to give the shots after we get our positive beta. (thinking positvely here. :) ) Last time on the day of our beta, we were off the PIO shots and on suppositories only. This time the nurse said we would probably have to do PIO shots longers as in a frozen cycle, my body isn't making progesterone at all. DH wasn't happy with that. He is really good at giving the shots. This time they are really hurting me, but I think because the dose is double that of last time. I have bruises on both sides of my butt. Nice...

If this cycle doesn't work, we won't be devastated, we will be really down, but able to move to the next step. We hope that isn't needed, though. :)


Ariella said...

I hope your next step isn't needed too. GL and I will wait till a beta or a positive HPT to jump up and down for you. (((((HUGS)))))

Monica H said...

I ordered coffee the other day and the total came out to $6.66. It kinda freaked me out too.