Friday, April 11, 2008

Beta didn't exactly double

I'm trying not to get too nervous about this.

HCG on Wednesday was 356 and today it was 468. My RE's office doesn't do doubling thing. They were looking for a 67% increase-should have been 594. I have to do another beta on Sunday. At that point, they want it to double from today. She didn't sound negative about it though. I'm just in a wait and see limbo.

They didn't check off to check for estradiol on the labslips they gave me from the RE's office yesterday. Ugh! I saw that yesterday, but assumed they knew what they were doing. So they had to call the lab and do the estradiol lab and send that over. So, the nurse called me back and said that she talked to the on call IVF nurse and they both seemed hopeful. IVF on call nurse says she sees this a lot and she thinks I will be ok.

To top it off, I'm sick. I'm hoping this baby hangs on. Prayers needed, ladies! I have a temperature ranging from 99.1 to 99.7 today. I broke down and took some tylenol - just now. I hate taking stuff but I need to bring this temperature down.

I hope this baby hangs in here. I think the accommodations are nice. :)


Monica H said...

It may not have doubled, but wasn't it higher than you expected in the beginning? I'll be sending prayers and hoping it sticks.

JGirl2005 said...

Thanks, Monica. I'm holding onto a string of hope that maybe I drank too much water before the blood test. But I also read that doesn't affect HCG.
I hope tomorrow we have a good number. Thanks for praying for me.

Ariella said...

Fingers crossed for your beta to double. Your in my prayers. GL!