Friday, April 25, 2008

HCG down - yea I guess!

The nurse called yesterday to tell me that my HCG was down to 2. She said 'great news'. I know this is good - at least the pregnancy wasn't ectopic. But great news is that I'm still pregnant...
I'm doing pretty good this week. Last week was hard because it was like not only did my son die, but all the embryos created on the same day as him didn't make it. That made it harder.
I know I will be a mom someday. I do believe that.
Those who lost our children - just want them back. New pregnancies will never replace what we have lost and our ignorant bliss. It has forever changed us.
I skipped happy hour this week because I know people like to ask me personal questions at happy hour and I didn't want to bite someone's head off if they ask when I was having children. I'm working with a lot of new people -95% guys - and I've already been asked this question. My new strategy is to be blunt w/people, but I know it will come across mean.
I need to book a vacation! I'll try today or tomorrow.

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