Monday, April 21, 2008

Good weekend

We had a great weekend. We went biking on Saturday. My DH doesn't like going w/me because he is so much faster than me. Also, I was still sick... He also doesn't like going w/me because he has to prepare my bike for me. He is the bike expert. Anyway, I told him that I wanted to go badly. It is something I can't do while in 2 weeks, etc. We had not been in so long. We had such a great time. I was going pretty fast considering it was hard for me to breathe. :)

Sunday we went to the dog park with my FIL. It was a lot of fun and we like exposing him to diffferent things. He just got a dog. He loved the dog park and so did his dog. He had no idea that his dog loved swimming. He just adopted him from a shelter.

Next weekend we are going to visit my mom and I'll see my sisters too. We are going to a festival on Saturday - I can't wait. I have so much work and I hope that means my week will just fly. :)

Since I have so much work, it is kinda a blessing. It keeps my mind occupied. I also am spending less time on the boards. I started crocheting. I hadn't done that since I was so much younger. I picked it up again last month as it helps to relax me. I just finished last night knitting blue booties from my nephew as a present (for his baptism). I am also working on a scarf. I also want to spend time writing stories, but I haven't allocated much time for that.

One thing that isn't cool w/a lot of work is that we want to go on vacation before I start my next IVF cycle. But I can't go now as we have some projects launching at the end of this month and in May...So I will go when I am on BCPs for IVF (hopefully). I hope to get the approval today to go on vacation and then I can just book it!!! I have many airmiles that we can hopefully fly somewhere free.

My company had a lot of layoffs last week and they plan to have more. Having a lot of work is good in that aspect too.


Monica H said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend- you needed that.

Busted said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend, and looking forward to hearing about your upcoming IVF.