Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Today was back to work. Ugh! I worked half a day in the office and then came home to work. It is kinda nice to get back to work, although I was doing busy work. It will be nice to focus on something besides the loss of our son.

I'm happy to start 2008 as we had a bad 2007. My mother in law passed away, my grandfather passed away, we found out my father in law has cancer and our baby passed away - all in 2007.

We hope 2008 is full of happiness!

It is the year of the Rat, which I thought might help me get pregnant as I am a Rat (born in 72).
I spent yesterday - New Years Day- just relaxing and reading my chinese horoscope. Lots of good things on my horoscope, so praying for a great year! I also spent a big chunk of the day watching Twilight Zone which I love.

As far as trying to get pregnant, we will try one month on our own and then do IVF - FET the following month. We have 2 frozen blasts, so we hope to transfer one or both in February sometime. It depends when I get AF. I have an appt. with my peri to ask him about IC (incompetent cervix) and PTL (preterm labor) to see how he would manage me in the future WHEN I get pregnant. He may have some issues with me transfering 2 blasts as I don't want to chance twins, if I do have an incompetent cervix. He may be ok with me transferring both if I get the cerclage (stitch). We shall see - that appt is at the end of January.

We will take things one day at a time. If the FET doesn't work, we will move to doing a fresh cycle of IVF. I am very excited and hopeful to start trying very soon. Although another baby won't replace our son, we don't have much time to work with so we have to continue our quest to become parents. I am 35 and my husband is 34 and he will be 35 this year.