Thursday, January 17, 2008

Signs and Being Crazy!

Do you believe in signs?
I do. I know it sounds weird but I always look out for signs.
For example, when I was doing IVF and before I found out that I was pg I was walking to the mailbox. I always kept telling DH that I think his mom (who passed away in May 2007) visits as a butterfly. Well, I'm walking to the mailbox and see a huge, huge moth - never seen one as big as that one and it was pink. I was thinking it was my mother in law telling me I would be pg with IVF. Turned out I was pg with IVF. We lost the baby at almost 16 weeks, but I was pg at the time.
My mom used to tell me that when you see a huge moth that it means good luck or means you will get money.
One thing I am notorious at looking at is license plates. I try to make up what words they would be. So if I see MTN-583, I would think mountain, etc. Well when I first found out I was pg, I saw a license plate that said BFP at the grocery store. Big fat positive right?
Well, when I was worried about my cervix at 13 weeks after my scare, I went out of town a few days for Thanksgiving - I was given the clear that everything was OK at my 14 week appt. My father in law was at the hospital around that time to have surgery for his prostate. He left his car at our house. Before I left for Thanksgiving, his car was still at our house and his license plate has CVX in it. I kept thinking that I would want his car gone from our house before I came back or I might have cervical problems -CVX - cervix right. His car was still there and even after we lost the baby. I kept thinking it was bad luck. I think I am crazy. :)
Today, I was in a conf room at work sitting after a meeting and no one kicked me out so I sat there and did work. It was a pretty big conf room. Well, right before I was going to leave, a lady came in and said she was going to setup for a baby shower. I said it was ok as I wasn't supposed to be there anyway. She just smiled and continued to setup and it was for a girl - everything pink. :) I think this is a sign that I will have a girl someday.
I hope I see a BFP again. :) I'm grasping at straws, but I'm still hopeful. I think signs are everywhere.

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Monica H said...

My new license plate says BMW on it. I think it's a sign. Thanks for pointing that out to me!!!!