Tuesday, January 15, 2008

AF is here!

AF in full force is here today - 6 weeks 5 days since my loss. This is good news so we can try at least this month. I'm not putting much faith in this month. There is no reason to think we will get pg this month. IVF is the only thing that worked for us so far. DH's sperm has improved (we think) and we will actively try, but I'm not putting much hope in a pregnancy occuring this month. I want to give my body some time to heal.
You know what "they" say. You can get pg easily after a m/c. Yeah. "They" can be so stupid and mean sometimes and "they" don't know it took us extra help to get pg the first time. I almost want to try this month so when people say 'see you got pg right after a m/c, I can say - well it was IVF, not trying on our own'. I hope I am proven wrong though and do get pg this month. HA!!!
Back to AF:The good thing is that I don't have any cramps at all, but I don't get too many cramps with AF usually. I have heard that the 2nd month is worse as far as cramping after a m/c. My next AF should start on Valentine's Day. Great...
I talked to a friend/coworker, we aren't that close, but do go to lunch every once in awhile. She is 37 and just came to tell me that she is going to get married - not engaged yet :) - and she wants to start trying immediately. She thinks she may not ovulate and may be premenopausal. I hope she isn't. It is just funny that she all of a sudden wants to get pg! I think I insprired the older girls at work to get pregnant. :)
I had a dream last night that one of my sisters (younger than me) told me she just had a m/c. I found that weird. I know she wants to be pg. Her and her DH were so happy when they found out that I was pg - they wanted to try immediately. So after my weird dream, I go to work and someone asks IMs me if my sister is pregnant. I said 'not that I know of'. That makes for a weird day.

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