Monday, January 14, 2008

Charting and Next Steps

Ok, so I've never done it, but I want to try to chart my next month. I think AF is coming soon. I had some spotting yesterday, but so far nothing else.
I've never taken my temps and charted, but I want to try it. I did join Fertility Friend in December and will try to chart - depending what I can do on there for free. I really don't want to pay, but I don't know what you can do for free on there.

Will charting help? Probably not. Our problem is male factor. We had one IVF that was successful, so more than likely we will need to do IVF again to succeed. I want to try charting to learn about my body more.

Our next steps: I go to my peri (whose office messed up last time - I will post my whole story very soon regarding the loss and my doctors) for a pre-pregnancy consulting session. I go in on Jan 30th and I'm writing down what I will ask him regarding his care with me next time I get pg - getting a cerclage, weekly visits, possible medications for preterm labor.
We are going to try one month on our own and then do a frozen cycle (FET) - we have two snowbabies. I'm debating doing another fresh cycle or a frozen one, but I may do a FET first. We do have leftover medications from my first IVF. I feel really bad because I was going to give them to a friend, but then found out that we lost our baby and might need them so I kept them. She totally understood. She is very sweet and going through her first IVF in another month.

I'm really not sure we should try on our own, but oh well. You know when you go through a miscarriage everyone tells you 'oh it will be SO easy to get pg the next time'. A very close friend of mine told me that several times and she has no idea that we did IVF. :) I just smile. I really doubt we could get pg on our own. That gem of advice is very similar to being told 'just relax' or 'take a vacation' or 'just adopt and you will get pg'. Gee thanks, people, but some of us need medical intervention. Although I am sure some people do get pg right after a m/c and some do get pg right after adopting, I think most people need help if they have been trying for awhile. I read an article where it says those who get pg after adopting is about 10% or something like that and those 10% who kept trying after giving up on having a baby would have gotten pg adopting or not.

Thank you for those visiting my blog. I hope you find some useful info on here.


Ariella said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog I would love to be added to your list. I am about to see an RE, March 4th.

Monica H said...

I saw that youput the poem on your blog. There is another stanza of the poem, that I cut and pasted for you on your last post.