Tuesday, June 24, 2008

U/S with Peri

I had my u/s with my high risk peri today as well as a consult with him.
The baby is fine. HR is 171 -Very similar to my last pregnancy. Baby was supposed to be 9 weeks 4 days and measured that exactly today.
I go back in 2 weeks for my NT scan and then a week or so later -I get the cerclage.
I'm praying all is well with the baby and that I don't have to do an amnio or CVS. I'm 35 and will be 36 when the baby is born, so they did do the ultra screen. My peri says he does not do a triple screen. So they pricked my finger today and got 5 big blood drops. Those results along with my NT scan will give an indication of my risk for down syndome or a chromosome abnormality.
I'm concerned about having a pap smear next week, but my peri said it is fine. My obgyn also said that.
My peri sounds very confident in my case, but as stated previously on my blog - he is very sure of himself and confident. This can be good or bad. :) I asked him again about infection after the cerclage and he said it has never happened to any of his patients. I see a lot of people on the IC forum that have this, so it just surprises me. I told him since I had an infection last time, am I at a higher risk for this after the cerclage and he said no. I asked him would I get general anesthesia or an epidural and he said 'general'. A lot of girls on the IC forum, warn about general anesthesia because they say epidural is safer for the baby. My peri said there is no evidence that general anesthesia could hurt the baby. I know many people get this and they are fine, so I have to trust my dr.
They actually did the scan today on my belly. I didn't know they could do it that early (not via vaginal u/s). My peri's office has the best equipment though, so their machines might be more advanced than my obgyn or RE's office.
Thanks for reading and have a great week!


Monica H said...

I'm glad your appt. went well. Was your DH able to go with you this time?

I had an epidural with my cerclage (it was the weirdest feeling to regain sensation in your legs!) I never had an infection though. Who did your cerclage the first time? And you have to understand that the people who are on those forums are there because they have had something similar happen to them. That doesn't mean that infections happen to every high risk cerclage momma. And that doesn't mean that epidurals are any safer than general anesthesia.

I know you're looking out for your baby, but if the peri is sewing your cervix shut to keep the baby in there, you have to TRUST that he wouldn't do anything to harm him either. (That's my guess, I think it's a HE). He's looking out for you and wants the best possible outcome.

JGirl2005 said...

Monica, you are absolutely right. I had no cerclage last time. Same peri as last time, but no cerclage - they didn't think I needed one - but they were wrong.
I have to trust my drs.
Yeah you end up seeing more of the horror stories on the IC forum.
I had the epidural with my delivery and it took forever for me to regain sensation. My peri says it isn't worth it for something that could take 5 minutes to do.
My DH didn't go with me. :(
I had an infection last time since I didn't have a cerclage. My cervix opened up and let bad stuff in.