Friday, June 13, 2008

OBGYN appt today

They decided to skip the u/s. I'm glad as I didn't want to have two in a row. I'm a little different than others - I don't want that many u/s's. The reason is because it could cause cervical irritation - one thing I am trying to avoid with an incompetent cervix.
I asked the nurse yesterday if I could skip the u/s and she said 'absolutely not' and then I go in and they didn't want to do it - uh, thanks for telling me after I got here for that appt - 1 hr before my obgyn consult appt. I just wasted so much time - good thing I called in 'sick' for work. It was nice to get away from the stress of work. I did call in for 2 meetings 8 - 930am, but after that went to my obgyn and slept most of the day.
Anyway, I told my obgyn that I didn't want a pap smear at my next visit, but he said it shouldn't hurt anything with my cervix. I trust him to do it, but last time he was never showing up to my appts.
Apparently here is out for the next 2 weeks or more, so my appt, is not until July. I didn't want to see the nurse practioner as I don't trust her ability to do a pap smear - I passed out one time when she did one on me before. They ALWAYS try to stick me with her and I was firm today, that I would wait for my obgyn to come back from his missionary trip. They were not happy with me, but he said that is fine. I told them there is no way I want to see the nurse practioner as I'm a high risk pregnancy. They will forget that I said this and still try to stick me with her in the future as my obgyn is always late to appts (busy delivering babies, etc). He is very much like my RE - famous for being late.
The u/s tech remembered me and I did tell her that she was right about my cervix being open last time and I just wanted to tell her that. She was happy that I confirmed that she was right - but was sad with my outcome. She said she 2nd guessed herself as she thought she probably worried me and then my peri's office didn't find anything. I told her she was right. She said she saw the results that the peri's office thought everything was ok (twice) and then I had the m/c. She said she got all the updates. This is all good info.
I told her to make sure to be aggressive if she sees that again. I told her that my peri's office (by the way I'm seeing the SAME peri for this pregnancy) didn't see anything - they kinda messed up or my cervix was closed and behaving at the time they saw me last time. (two different appts last time and they saw nothing that the u/s tech saw - even saw them a few hrs after she saw me.). She is very sweet and I'm glad she is still the main u/s tech at my drs. office.
My obgyn was confident that everything will work this time and he told me that my pregnancy was God's work. He is very religious. I told him that I got pregnant 2 weeks after my early m/c - 2 weeks almost to the day that I started bleeding. It is very strange it could happen so fast.

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