Sunday, June 22, 2008

Everyone seems to know...

So last Sunday, my DH was asked by one of his friends if I was pregnant - of course the guy hadn't seen me in weeks. He is my friend's husband and I haven't seen her lately either.
I saw them later that day - after he asked my DH. My DH didn't answer yes or no, just said 'we are still trying'.
I think my friends suspect since I haven't been doing much lately (no running events, etc). This is my friend who wants children but her DH doesn't. She will have to convince him to change his mind, but she may be able to do that. I just feel like even if they know or suspect, they shouldn't ask. It's kinda rude.
Yesterday, I went to a bday party for a child and my BIL asked my DH if I was pregnant. Again, he didn't answer yes or no. My BIL said he noticed a bump on me. I do have some bloating.
We aren't sure when we are going to tell friends or work. I want to tell immediate family on July 4th. I'll have to have my cerclage between 12 and 13 weeks (mid July) and then I'll have to be off for 2 weeks - so I need to tell work soonish - but I think I will wait until my NT scan to tell work.
We don't want to tell a lot of people until we get past a certain point - we will tell close friends and immediate family, but not sure about extended family.

Today, after complaining about no m/s yesterday - I felt sick. I went to eat breakfast/lunch with DH. He got lunch, I got breakfast. It took awhile for our food to get to us and my stomach was hurting from not eating. DH admitted he felt nauseous too before we got out food. I took a few bites and felt very sick. I was very close to vomiting. I had to stop eating for awhile. I'm already very weird about eating eggs, but had no problem with the eggs at this place. I just kept thinking if I threw up - I would definitely hate eggs for A LONG time. I didn't want to throw up. DH told me to go to the car and he would pay. I tried to take a few more bites, but then finally left. I felt sick on the ride home and put the air conditioning on me. I couldn't eat much else the rest of the day. I hope I can get some dinner.

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Monica H said...

Invest in a tunic. It's a great light weight summer top. And it hides the belly.

Sorry you're not feeling so hot :-(