Thursday, June 12, 2008

2nd u/s

The 2nd u/s went very well. The baby is measuring 8 weeks 1 day - I'm 8 weeks 0 days today.
The baby was floating upside - which my RE said was funny.
The baby is already going crazy and doing flips. :)
I feel better about the baby. I know nothing is wrong with him/her.
The baby's heartrate was 169 bpm. My DH couldn't go with me.
I graduated from my RE and I have an appt w/my obgyn tomorrow already. They will do another u/s, although I told them I didn't want another one. It is imperative I see my obgyn as they need to refer me to the peri - I can't see him on my own without a referral. He wanted me to see him at 8 weeks once I got pregnant and I'm past that, so I need the ball rolling.
Work today was a total bitch and I'm getting really stressed. My management is making decisions on things that are totally unethical and that I disagree with. I need to keep reminding myself that I should not worry about work. It's hard for me to detach myself, though. I need to for the baby's sake. Work is not everything and even if I disagree with something strongly, I shouldn't say a damn thing or get myself stressed out about it.

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