Saturday, June 14, 2008

Infertility Stamp

I like how they define Infertility. It isn't just that you can't get pregnant, but it also talks about carrying the child to delivery. For those of us 'deadbabymamas' (Busted, I'm going to use this term too), we can relate. Whether you are a deadbabymama because of incompetent cervix, repeat miscarriages, placental abruptions, or some other reason, you have infertility.

I think this stamp is so cool. I only saw this since someone posted it on the TTTC forums.


Tony Servies said...


Thanks for posting the link to my website and the infertility stamp. It holds a special place for my wife and myself as well. We were able to conceive and deliver after years of infertility. My daughter, Emma, will turn 13 this August.

Best wishes to you and the others who read this post who have issues with infertility.

Tony S.
Stamps of Distinction

Monica H said...

Wow, that is neat. How do I get some?

Busted said...

This stamp is so beautiful. And no need to attribute the term "deadbabymama" to me - I stole it from Glow in the Woods! Haha.

Glad to see that all is going well in your pregnancy. I'm SO happy for you.

Tony Servies said...


These stamps come from Portugal. Based on the popularity, I have considered ordering a sheet or two of them and reselling them, but the stamp costs, foreign currency fees, postage and handling, etc., would make them about $2.00 apiece. A small price for such a meaningful piece of artwork/design, but I doubt that demand would be there to break even. Any more that $2 would probably stifle demand.

Anyone have any thoughts about it?

Tony S.
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