Sunday, February 3, 2008

My First BFP on 9/11 - IVF #1

I'm posting this on here because I want to remember symptoms, etc, that I had with IVF #1.
We hope to go through FET next month or late this month. I'm going to put my story of IVF success and then I'll post my story of when I lost our baby. I started my blog after both of these events, so I just want to remember exactly what happened.

9/11/2007 - I’m 34 will be 35 in November. DH is 34..We have been trying to conceive for 1 year 8 months.We went 1 year just trying on our own, then this past January started getting tests done. SA came back about 12 million.We did 2 IUIs in February/March with my obgyn. I was not monitored and I was on clomid only. According to our nurse practioner who did the IUIs, our count was lower than 12 million and she said we might have to go straight to IVF. 2 Failed IUIs later, we were referred to a RE in May. June SA was 14 million, very low after wash. .I had all the tests done and my FSH was good. I did a Prolactin test. Came back ok, but my RE noticed that I had discharge from my bb, so he put me on Bromocryptine. I did an HSG and no blocked tubes – dr wasn’t there but tech said the tubes looked good. Right after that my RE told me that he saw some shadows on my HSG xrays so he wanted to do a lap to take out any fibroids or polyps. June 22nd had lap and they removed some polyps and some Stage 1 endo.
July 19th we began BCP for our first IVF. Did 8 days of stims with Gonal-F (very low dose towards the end – coasted one day). We had 30 eggs retrieved on 8/28. 21 were mature enough for ICSI. 18 fertilized. We did a 5 day transfer on 9/2 of two early, early blasts (our appt. was earlier than they usually do them). I ate some pineapple on day before ET, on day of ET and 2 days after. I didn’t eat that much but did eat the core. I was on Estradiol and PIO. I had some symptoms but they could be attributed to estradiol/pio or HCG trigger.
Symptoms: Vivid dreams, gas, some cramps, cramping very low especially when lying down, dry skin on chest, some blue veins on my legs, had some leg cramps. Stomach growling a lot but not very hungry to eat. DH noticed slightly bigger bbs. Pimples 1 week before expected AF – I usually get pimples closer to AF. Went from oily skin to dry skin in one day.
ER day was tiring - rested when I came home. I did not feel nauseous from the anethesia as it was very light. I called in sick this day from work.
ET day was pretty easy. I took a doxy with bkfst before going to the hospital. Then I was given a valium when I got there - it is supposed to relax the uterus and keep it from contracting. Wheeled into OR and got on table and put feet in stirrups. Embroylogist came in to say hi and wait for RE. When RE came in, embryologist went to get the embryos. They flashed our last name on the screen to make sure they had the right embryos. Then they put in both and went back to the lab to look in the microscope to see if any where still in the catheder. I went back to my room - they transferred me to my bed by lifting me with a sheet so I wouldn't move. I fell asleep in my room for about 30 minutes due to the valium. Embroylogist came in to give me pictures before I snoozed. I rested in the room for 1 hour total and then was put in a wheelchair to our car. I rested the whole afternoon in bed and only got up to go to the bathroom. DH brought me food. I did not get on the computer at all. Next day, I did get on my computer but in bed and did go downstairs to eat lunch. I took it easy for the whole rest of the 2 weeks - 9 days after transfer I got my positive beta on 9/11. I actually took a HPT at 7dp5dt and it was a faint line. Took another one the next day and it was about the same - slightly darker.
9dp5dt - 4 weeks - 259 (started progesterone suppositories, off of PIO)
11dp5dt - 4 weeks 2 days - 626, 152.9 progesterone, and 2185 e2 (stopped estradiol and went to once daily prog. supp.)
18dp5dt - 5 weeks 2 days 5304, 215.2 progesterone, 3178 e2
25dp5dt - 6 weeks 2 days 20,046, 231.7 progesterone, 3762 e2


Monica (H)opeful said...

It's always good to write this stuff down, because what you think you remember fades and becomes very unclear. I feel this way about the birth stories of both boys. I'm sure there are many things that happened that I have totally forgotten. It's best to document right after it happens, but that's usually the least appropriate time to do so.

This info will come in handy. I'm surprised you remembered so many details.

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