Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Hour and Stuff

I went to happy hour for work on Thursday. A girl just met me and she asked me if I was 'ever going to get married or have kids'. Her tone annoyed me. She wasn't trying to be rude, but she was mentally not stable.
I guess she didn't notice my wedding ring-duh! So, I told her 'Yes, I am married - 3 years now'. She thought I was much younger than her and we turned out to be the same age.
Then she asked again about kids and I told her 'I just lost my baby'. It is in my nature to be blunt - I can't help it. :) I'm sure the birth control pills don't help. LOL! Anyway, she was so shocked at the way I said that. She just said 'oh F*ck, sorry'. She is vulgar in addition to mentally unstable. You would think that would shut her up, but no, she kept asking questions about when it happened and if I was ok. I hate using my son to shut people up but if people are so inconsiderate to ask about my fertility status, I feel I must respond something very mean.
People can be really rude with the questions that they ask. She went on to tell me about her son and how she was so upset when she found out she was pg. Ok, like I really care about that. I think I have a face where people open up to me but I really don't care to be a psychiatrist to other people's problems.
I've met people before who give me that 'you aren't getting any younger'. Of course, this was before my m/c. Or people who say that because I work that I have put having children off. Yes, I have a career and I like what I do *most* days, but we have been trying since one year after getting married. Why do people think they can ask about such personal questions?
If you don't know if someone is going through infertility, assume that they are if they are married and don't have children. You never know who is going through IF. People just don't know what to say.

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Ariella said...

Wow what a klassy new friend! I can't belive she had the balls to tell you how upset she was about getting pg with her son after you just had a loss. I am sorry for her actions.

I must agree with you about people keeping thier mouth shut about fertility. It should be banned as a subject for casual discusions is all situations.