Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy New Year-Year of the Rat!


Happy New Year Everyone!! Today starts the year of the Rat. I hope this brings good news for my DH and me. If I had my son in May, I guess he would be a Rat just like me. I hope that means I will have another child this year or get pregnant this year at least.

I think next year is the Year of the Ox. My DH is an Ox. So hopefully it means that this year or next year have to be good for us. Here is to keeping up the confidence! :)
Good luck to everyone else! I chose this picture because I love Disney and I think it is so cute that they celebrated the new year in Hong Kong Disneyland today.

I haven't been online much or posting as we have been doing some remodeling all week. We had some contractors come in and do the following to our house:

New tile floor in guest bathroom, new tile in master shower, new tile floor in master bathroom, tile replaced downstairs in kitchen, entry and bathroom downstairs, new counter tops, new backsplash in the kitchen.
The bulk of the work should be done today, but we still have some stuff to do. (Buy a vanity for the master bathroom, get the plumber to come back and install our shower head, and dust). There is so much dust on everything. Things are looking great! We kept our cabinets, but the kitchen looks like a different kitchen. I think I will be cooking more now. I'm so happy how things have turned out. We had hoped to get this done while I was pg, but now I'm glad it is out of the way. It was challenging with our 2 dogs -not letting them walk on the tile, etc. Our house is older and needed some updating inside.


Monica (H)opeful said...

Happy New Year!!! I hope this year of the rat is a good one for you.

Also, I want pics of the remodel. Sounds exciting!

And yes, I'd love to have coffee with you sometime. I'm leaving yo ua comment rather than emailing, in case you don't get it.

JGirl2005 said...

Monica, I emailed you regarding the stone you put at the cemetary.
Thanks for doing that. Did you get my email?
We went on Saturday as the permanent memorial is up.
I think I have sent you a few emails. I wonder what is up with out emails to each other.