Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I get to do an HSG tomorrow - will be my 2nd one in a year. My RE wants to do one on me because of the miscarriage.
It is an xray that shows the uterus and injects dye into your tubes. 2nd part is probably not an issue as we are doing IVF, but last time I had this - they found some shadows on my uterus and then I had to have a laproscopy to remove polyps and stage 1 endo.
I am thinking this won't be the case and all will be well in there - or hoping. :)
I'm not looking forward to it as they are not that pleasant.
I hope that everything came out as it should during my loss - I didn't have a D&C though.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that between when I had this last (around end of May/June last year) I haven't grown any polyps or endometriosis. If I have, my FET cycle may be delayed. :(
My RE wants to make sure the environment is perfect for implantation.