Tuesday, January 6, 2009

OB and peri appt - 37w3d and 37w4d

I'm still here. OB appt was yesterday and these are my stats:
70-80% effaced - same as last week
2.5 - 3 cm dilated - up from last week
One contraction while on the NST machine, but baby was sleepy - only kicked hard once where it registered real movement, he kicked a few times but in his sleep I think, but they look for something specific on NST. I felt this contraction it was a big one - harder than ones I normally get.

Dr. said baby is so low and how am I walking around - pelvic station is -1 - which is when some people are in labor (not walking around like me). He was on vacation and I didn't want the baby born while he was gone - but he is back now.
He said 50% chance that I would have the baby before next week's appt.

Today, I went to my peri for my BPP (bio physical profile). Baby was moving and breathing and they were happy to see that so it was a short visit. They did not do size. I asked but not sure why they couldn't - they just said at this point they estimate it - maybe the machines can't do it - although I had a size last week(??). U/s tech might have not wanted to do it - who knows. She said the baby is about 6 lbs 13oz - who knows how she estimates that. Blood sugar levels are good, so they didn't need to talk to me about that. I almost went over the limit, but I guess if I am slightly under they always seem to be fine with it. I send them in once a week and they have been happy with my numbers - even though like I said I'm not 100% following the diet and I do get close to going over. Amniotic fluid is good and baby's size is small and I think that's what they also look at when doing the BPPs - and that's the concern with GD.

I think I just lost my mucus plug. I've been up and down the stairs a lot yesterday and today -organizing things. I was sick with diarrhea over the weekend. When I had my loss, I also had diarrhea, so maybe it is a sign of labor.


Monica H said...

I'm going to guess that you'll have the wee one at 38w5d. But that's just a guess.

Can we get a belly pic? Please :-) You don't hav eeto show your face. I just wanna see your big round belly- your babe's home.

JGirl2005 said...

Sure I can post one - I just didn't want to offend anyone who might read. I'm not sure if people like seeing baby bumps sometimes. I go through phases where I do or I don't like seeing those.

Dre said...

Thinking about you and wishing you an easy, quick (relatively) labor! Would love to see any pics you want to post, belly, cerclage, and especially baby!!!!