Tuesday, January 13, 2009

38w4d obgyn and peri appt (induction scheduled)

Today I had both appts on the same day.

Went in for my NST and regular obgyn visit. Blood pressure is low - was kinda high for me last week but still NORMAL levels, but this week it is low again. Even lower than non-pregnant...

Baby only kicked twice on NST - I only felt it once, but obgyn was happy with that. He said I was having a lot of cramping that was showing up on the NST, but no major contractions. Baby is always so sleepy and lazy on the machine - he gets very quiet being on there. This scares me, but he does kick other times. Of course, he was kicking while I was in the waiting room, but once I get on the machine, he doesn't like to kick.

Dr. checked me internally and I'm about the same as last week (3cm and 70-80% effaced). I knew I would be - told DH 'I bet i'm the same-no progress'. I had been getting contractions, but they kinda fizzled out in the past few days- they are not consistent. Dr said he wanted to induce me because of GD - they don't like people to go to their due date. So he made an induction appt for Monday - I'm having this baby at least by Monday unless I go into labor before that time. It made me happy to have a date to look forward to. Although I didn't want to be induced, I'm confident with the Dr's choice.

We went to eat lunch and then home quickly. We then went to the peri's office. Blood sugars were awesome yesterday - like a normal person - but I went for 2 walks yesterday (not that I think that matters). Didn't see peri as my blood sugars were ok. I was FOREVER on the u/s machine as they tried to do my BPP (biophysical profile). I drank some water beforehand and DH says 'why are you so paranoid?' Probably because I knew the baby would be quiet on there and they don't like that. So they have to see the baby take some breaths - check- he did that. Then they have to see some movement. He didn't want to move at all. He was smacking his lips, but they didn't count that. I started getting worried, but they didn't ask me to drink anything, etc. Finally after a long, long u/s - maybe 20 minutes the baby moved his fingers and they saw that. He did kick me once, but they didn't see it on the u/s so that didn't count. I told them I had NST and that the baby kicked twice only and they said 'well that isn't much'. So the u/s techs went to talk to the peri who said I was fine. I think they called my obgyn's office to ask if my NST was responsive -they probably said yes because my obgyn is happy with even little movement (last week he kicked once on the NST too).

It got me worried, but of course I feel the baby move. He does goes through times when he doesn't move and it freaks me out. I have yet to go to L&D about it though. Everytime I think 'if you don't move, i'm going to L&D', he moves. Some days he is sleepier than others. Of course, once I left the peri's office, he was kicking up a storm. I think he likes playing games w/the drs. On the drive home, he kicked the entire time and I told DH that the baby doesn't like to do things 'on demand'.

I'm praying nothing is wrong with him. He has been kicking a lot since arriving home. He does have a pattern. He kicks in the morning and when I eat and at night. I sometimes wake up at 4am and he isn't kicking and I just think 'well he never kicks at this time'. He starts his day kicking when I wake up usually.


Monica H said...

Wow, you're going to have a baby within a week- holy cow!

Dre said...

I am so glad you have a firm date now... that has to be a relief. I hope that little boy decides to come on his own before then! My little guy liked to kick the NST monitor when they had it strapped on. He didn't like anything pressing on his "home." Get some rest while you can! Keep us posted!