Friday, January 30, 2009

RE comments on IVF and octupulets

Yea - someone needs to slap a dr or have him lose his license if they truly did IVF.

Here is an excerpt since the article isn't there anymore:
Dr Kaylen Silverberg, a fertility specialist at Texas fertility center in Austin, says federal law prohibits the transfer of that many embryos into any patient.

"If this woman, as reported in the news is really young, theoretically under 35, the guidelines clearly show she should have no more than two embryos transferred, and in fact if she is in the most favorable group -- she's got kids already -- supposedly she has six, she should theoretically just have one embryo transferred," said Dr. Silverberg.

The Wyden Law, enacted in 1992, requires that fertility clinics submit all procedures performed on an annual basis to the Food and Drug Administration.

It also requires that no more than five embryos are implanted in any woman.

Dr. Silverberg says most insurance companies refuse to pay fertility doctors who do not follow the Wyden guidelines.


Monica H said...

I have no words...honestly.

Lynn said...

It is absolutely disgusting to me. I think they should make people go through psychological counseling before IVF to make sure they are sane!