Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cerclage is out!!

Cerclage is out- removal was painful, but only took 5 minutes. Deep breaths helped. Peri gave me a hug afterwards. I'm typing from my phone so excuse any misspellings. I'm 70-80 percent effaced and 1.5-2 cm dilated. Got to keep the stitch- will post pic in a few days. Baby's heartrate was 122 bpm- slower than normal but peri said it was fine. Baby is small at 6lbs 5 oz.
I had cramping when he snipped it-ouch!! I also have some spotting.
Happy new year everyone!! I think this baby won't come until 1-2 wks or more!! There is a twilight zone marathon today for those who can't get out tonight. Scifi channel


Monica H said...

How wonderful! Hoping you have a wonderfully blessed new year!

Dre said...

I am glad everything went well with the removal. I will be sending you good vibes in the new year!!! Enjoy the marathon, we watch it every year!!!