Thursday, December 18, 2008

OBGyn appt 34w4d

Well I had my first NST on Tuesday and it came back good. I was worried because my dr. wasn't there - he was stuck in surgery and the girls there didn't provide much encouragement or knowledge. They setup a nurse practioner who came to talk to me and she didn't even measure my stomach - she was being lazy. Wasn't confident in her evaluation of my results... She didn't provide much info. Baby did kick a few times, but also was sleeping part of the time. They offered to give me juice to wake him up and I had to tell them 'i can't drink juice due to GD'. So they gave me cold water...
I was worried because the baby is very sleepy - probably like his mom - lazy.
The positive was that the NST showed absolutely no contractions.
I called today to see if my dr had reviewed my NST so I could get his opinion. They said 'yeah he looked at it and said baby was responsive'. Gee, thanks for calling me.
Oh, I asked about circumsicion and they said they had no idea if the ob did these - like I said the girls were really helpful.
I go in next week for another NST and almost weekly after that. (except one week when I get an u/s at the peri's office). My peri said I didn't need NSTs, but honestly I am glad my obgyn is doing them. I think it's important to see how the baby is reacting.

On a different note - how much should we trust drs? The reason I say this is because I talked to my friend who just had a h.ome b.irth. She was so brave to do this considering she was high risk and had t.wins (but one didn't make it past 18 wks). We have the same r.e. and same peri. Peri told her that she would want to d.eliver the live baby f.irst and the babies were positioned that way. Well, she delivered the other one first. She said she asked about cord and they told her at peri's office that it was not around the babies' neck. Well, when he was delivered the cord was w.rapped around 3 times. She said a few things our peri told her were not correct. I know medicine is not an exact science, but geez. I don't know much about the cord being around the neck, but she said it happens earlier when the baby moves around and they should be able to see that on the u/s. But not to discredit my peri - she also had a 4d u/s and they didn't notice that either.


Dre said...

When I had my son, the pediatrician did the circumcision, not the ob. They waited a couple of days and then did it. It looks worse than it really is. I picked my pediatrician's office before I had him and when I got to the hospital I told them which office I was going to use and whichever pediatrician from that practice was on call was the one to examine him after he was born and to do the circumcision. Just make sure to have a whole stack of those square gause patches on hand and a tub of vasiline for when you get home from the hospital. They had me put vasiline on the gause and put it over his so it wouldn't stick to his diaper while the circumcision was healing. Good luck! I start my cervical length u/s this week, so I may be hitting you up for advice on cerclages, etc. Rest up and Merry Christmas, Happy Haunukkah, Kwanza, or Festivus, whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year!

JGirl2005 said...

Thanks, Dre!
Well we talked to a pediatrician and I assumed they did the circumscision and they said 'no, talk to your obgyn'. And my obgyn may or may not do them - should be interesting once I deliver. :)

Please email me any questions you have (jgirl@gmail). I haven't checked this email lately, but I'll be better. Hopefully you won't need a cerclage right? They will only put you one if you need it based on CL. Happy Holiday to you too!