Monday, December 1, 2008

32w3d peri appt

Baby is measuring 4lbs 9oz - 50th percentile
It had me measuring a week to a week and a half ahead. Who knows...
Heartbeat was 147bpm
Baby was smacking his lips.
Baby is still head down.
Amniotic level is perfect - always my concern since I've been leaking urine since 4 weeks pregnant. I told him I really wouldn't know if it was amniotic fluid except last time I felt a slight gush a few hrs before my water broke. My leaking urine never gushes like that.

Cervical length was 3.02cm - down from last time, but peri didn't even comment or look at it. It goes down around this time for normal pregnant women. In fact, most girls on the IC forum I frequent don't get measured after 26/28 wks. I've been walking more, doing more around the house and doing stairs daily. So I'm glad those haven't affected my CL too much...I bought a bunch of gift bags yesterday - went out to the dollar tree - but DH didn't want me to stand in line so I went to sit in the car. We also went out to eat lunch. So I don't plan to really wrap presents even though I probably could manage it.

Baby was measuring on target - all body parts, so they aren't concerned with my gestational diabetes. Peri said if baby was 90% percentile or something they would worry. He also said that based on my week long numbers that I'm really borderline if anything. My obgyn's office never gave them my 3hr results and I forgot yet again to bring them. They aren't good at talking to each other - I think that isn't good. I did have a rough estimate of my numbers and he said I wasn't past the 2nd threshold.

Peri was not too concerned, but then again I've never seen him stressed or concerned. :) Actually, I lied - the one time I did him concerned was at my cerclage placement right before they knocked me out. He saw my cervix was opening from the bottom and he looked slightly panicked. He has so much confidence and is so laid back that I'm not sure how he handles patients with problems. I don't want to find out.

So back to my gestational diabetes conversation with him... He said I don't have to do insulin and if I did, it would bring my normal levels TOO low. Yea for no drugs!
I did test my blood for more than 7 days as they suggested because of the holidays. So I tested for 12 days total. I went over twice - the day after thanksgiving (once) and yesterday (once). I was good on thanksgiving and didn't stuff my face and even cheated and ate a small piece of pumpkin pie & pecan pie. My levels on thanksgiving were great. Peri said just to stick to my diet and test only once a week (4 times in one day) and send them my results. He said he would throw out those two bad results since all my other ones were perfect.
Oh, I won't be doing stress tests, but I do get ultrasounds once a week starting at 36 weeks but really it will be more like almost 37w5d as I get cerclage out at my next appt - 36w5d and then he said once a week for a month. I like the extra ultrasounds as I didn't expect them. I've read online that some people get NST - he said the u/s are much better (biophysical profile). I told him I'll have the baby on dec. 31st when they take the stitch out. Peri said 'not likely, that's pretty rare'. :) He estimates I'll go into labor 2 weeks after stitch removal. Oh, I told him I wanted to keep the stitch and he said that's fine. :) I know I'm weird. I want to compare it to others as there are a wide range of which type people use. He said it looks like a shoe lace. I'm curious to see what it looks like.

Next peri appt is cerclage removal - I never thought I would make it this far!

I have a baby shower this weekend. I'm excited, but nervous as always that I could go into labor before then. For anyone who has been through a loss, the worry is always there.

Thanks for the support ladies! I know I don't have many people who read this blog, but I hope someone finds it useful. Monica, Ariella and Busted, I know you are pretty much my only readers. Thank you for being there!


Busted said...

Haha, thanks for the shout-out. I bet you have more lurkers than you realize, I was shocked when I got a counter and realized how many people were reading (and this was before our loss when it skyrocketed).

I'm glad to hear things are going well. I'm so happy for you. Have a wonderful time at your shower!

Monica H said...

Glad you had a great Thansgiving!

I want to see what your cerclage looks like too. Is that weird?

Have a good time at your shower!

Ariella said...

Glad to hear you are doing so well. I am excited for you to get the clergy removed and am thrilled you have made it this far. Have a wonderful shower!

I also would love to see what a clergy looks like. Does that make me some kinda perv?

Dre said...

I wanted you to know that you have at least one more lurker/reader... I followed your blog even before my current pregnancy, because I know I am at risk for CI too, and my medical circumstances are very similar to yours. So thank you very much for writing, it is helpful to read what you have done and I know you are helping many more ladies out here in this blogosphere. Enjoy your shower!

JGirl2005 said...

Yes, I know there are a few lurkers - thanks ladies! Dre, I'm glad you read. I don't really care if people don't comment. Love the double negative there...

As for the cerclage - Monica and Ariella I'll try to get it and take a pic of it. Peri said to soak it a few days in peroxide I think. DH probably won't like that I want to take it home. I've seen what some look like online on some forums. I bet it looks like this.
Most I have seen online look like a plastic piece/string and not like a shoe lace - like above.