Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Not a great way to start off mother's day

My mom and I got in a fight today. My new years resolution of not letting people get to me - has not gone so well. My mom and I are close - like best friends. Well, we were...

She has some new friends and most are around my age and I can't stand them. I feel like the mom. Her new friends are friends with her because of a certain situation. My mom knows someone very famous and I'm certain that is why they are her friends. I can't go into exact details, but it is SO OBVIOUS these people are friends with her because of that.
Last year, I was so upset because one of her friends' children starting calling my mom grandma. I was very upset and my friends told me that I had a right to be. It's a long story and I'm really making it brief. I was even upset around the time that I lost the baby. I didn't lose the baby because of that - or I would like to think that I didn't.

Well, my mom went on vacation recently and deliberately didn't tell me that one of her friends was going. I had to find out from another source, which really upset me -although I didn't let them think that it bothered me. I would have been ok if she had just told me - although my DH disagrees. The friend she went with isn't that bad. I can stomach her and her kids don't call my mom grandma. I even asked my mom if I could go with her as I can't take off from work, but it was over the weekend. This was a few weeks ago and she told me 'no, it is just me and your aunts'. I was NOT invited. I should have known something was up.

So today, I confronted her since she was calling to tell me about her vacation. I felt bad and later called to apologize. All I told her on the original call was that she needs to be honest and not hide things from me. Am I out of line here? The full story would help probably. I just don't have time or energy to write it. One of her friends not only did the grandma thing, but also tried to get herself invited to a party where this famous person would be - by volunteering to help with catering - for free. They have tried to be friends with me, buy me Christmas presents, etc.
My mom is a grandma -my sis has kids. But they don't treat my sister's kids the way they did these kids...All of this upsets me.

I had some mean words come out on the phone. I even told my mom that I wouldn't tell her as soon as I got pregnant - like she begged me to do last time. My first IVF, I told her at 8 weeks. I know that probably upset her. I really need to say LESS - I can be harsh. My DH tells me all the time, 'don't tell people directly, they will figure it out'. Like in that case, I didn't have to tell my mom that, but she would have figured out that I didn't tell her when I told everyone else. I need to remember my DH's advice. He is so good at dealing with me - it isn't easy.

Anyway, we watched the Orphanage tonight and it was really good, but I dont' recommend it for those of my blog readers who have lost children. I was balling at the end. I knew sort of what would happen but I still wanted to rent it. If you are brave enough to watch it, you might be affected by it. It is a scary movie, but I knew it would be bittersweet. I loved, loved, loved Pan's Labryinth. I can't say what will happen in this film but my DH could see that I related to the main character in the film. Now, he is probably worried that I might be like her. I would like to adopt and the film makes me want to adopt even more.

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