Friday, May 9, 2008

Big presentation

I had my big presentation today and it went pretty good. Our Vice President didn't show, that is what was making me nervous.

I'm frustrated with this one guy at work. I think I have bad PMS -as I've been grouchy to coworkers all week. This one guy is a contractor and he is beyond worthless. He comes from a culture that doesn't believe in listening to women. I hate that. He is not a good worker and if he worked for me, I would fire him. He doesn't work for me directly, but I do give him work to do. Of course, he doesn't do it. He doesn't like that I give him stuff to do, since his manager doesn't. He couldn't attend one of my meetings today or Monday and I wrote him a snarky email. He responded back kinda in a mean way. Not smart for a contractor...I'm sure he told his manager that I was mean to him. I don't care. I've told her before I don't care for some of her contractors and they don't do any work.

My mom called today. I missed her call, but called her back. She was very sweet to me and told me there was no need for me to come on Mother's day. I was thinking of going to see her. I hate being angry with her in the slightest. She is going to send me a card - not for mother's day - to tell me how much I mean to her. She said the 'not for mother's day' part. :)

She is going to visit next weekend. I'll be happy to see her. I love my parents - although I don't always agree with their ways or their friends.


Monica H said...

In case I don't get another chance to leave another comment- I hope you have the best mother's day you possibly can. I wish you a peaceful day.


Busted said...

I'm glad things are better with your mom. Hope tomorrow is a nice day for you, as much as it can be.

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