Saturday, March 1, 2008

My car broke down

I have a 2006 car, but yesterday my battery died. My DH came to try to jump me, but he didn't leave it on long enough so he thought it was really the starter. So we got it towed into the dealership as it is still under warranty. I guess it was a sign that I needed not to work a few hours. :) I went into where my DH works and worked from there for the afternoon.
Work has been so stressful lately, but I think acupuncture is helping my stress level.
I came home and cooked dinner. I cooked some salmon patties - I've been craving some like my mom used to make when I was little (but she used tuna). I grew up Catholic, but I don't go to church much. I try not to eat meat on Fridays though and I did give up chocolate for Lent as I wanted to try to lose weight and thought that might help.
My DH and I did a fun run 5K this morning. Yea! I've been trying to run a little more to lose some weight that I gained doing fertility drugs. He usually runs faster than me, but he ran with me this time. It was good. It was a hilly course, but we are so glad we did it. My face and legs were so red afterwards. I think my body is heating up more - maybe due to acupuncture, maybe just because it isn't winter anymore. :)


Monica (H)opeful said...

Today was a nice day for a run. BTW, my husband drives p/t for a wrecker company. Who towed your car? Just curious :-)

Also, I tagged you for a meme. Check out my blog to know what to do next. Hope you're having a great weekend.

JGirl2005 said...

Monica, email me at this address - see if that one works for you.
I'll get online later to check out the meme. :)

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